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Jockimo THICKGlass™

Our ThickGlass™ and ColorFuse™ glass products are unlike any other glass product on the market.  Our thick pieces of cast glass provide a finish and look that will impress even the most seasoned glass expert. Our ColorFuse™ products include color and air bubbles captured inside of the glass creating a three dimensional aspect to the panels.

ThickGlass™ and ColorFuse™ glass can be utilized as glass counter tops, bar tops, vanity tops, and interior vertical panels.  Every ThickGlass™ and ColorFuse™ project can be customized to meet your needs and to make the product one-of-a kind.  Texture, color, finish, laminating, edge polishing and back lighting are available.

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THICKGlass™ by Jockimo

Jockimo, Inc. specializes in advanced architectural products for designers and architects. We offer unique, exciting and interactive products including glass floor, glass flooring, glass bridges, glass stair treads, glass steps, glass bridges, glass treads, Liquid Lava liquid filled floor tiles, table tops and bar tops, antique mirrors, cast glass,  fused glass, thick glass, glass bar tops and glass counter tops, holographic glass, dichroic glass, mirror subway tiles, painted glass, textured glass, stacked glass, slumped/fused glass, and other specialty decorative glass products. All of our products are manufactured according to the highest standards, ensuring that they are not only beautiful but also durable and safe. Others may try to mimic our products, but there is only one Jockimo. We are The Advanced Architectural Products Specialists™.
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