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Liquid Lava™: An Interactive Volcano Under Your Feet

NEWPORT BEACH, CA - Jockimo Inc. has combined fantasy and function with its Jockimo™ Liquid Lava™ line. The modular floor tiles burst to life under foot when pressure is applied to the highly durable tile, creating a new design with every step.

Suitably intriguing to youngsters new to walking as well as seasoned dancers ready to rock the night away, Jockimo™ Liquid Lava™ has been featured in kid-friendly play areas and lavish adult night clubs. This interactive product ignites the imagination, regardless of age. In fact, trade show goers are reported to literally squeal when they first touch the product, a response not often caused by flooring.

No Nonsense Fun

Jockimo Inc.’s product line is known for its ingenuity and flexibility, not its fragility – Jockimo™ Liquid Lava™ tiles are among the hardest working surfaces available. Scientifically sound,Jockimo™ Liquid Lava™ has undergone high pressure testing and is UL approved for safety and durability. Jockimo™ Liquid Lava™ itself is a non-toxic substance and the tile materials used are eco-friendly polycarbonate.

Customizable to Leave a Lasting Impression

A patented product, Jockimo™ Liquid Lava™ is available in an array of standard colors or can be customized upon request. Colors can be matched to Pantone perfection and tile shapes can be created as far as the imagination can bend them. Corporate logos or photos can be placed inside the tiles offering a one of a kind interactive product.

For added effect, Jockimo’s Liquid Lava™ TransLava™ products provide a transparent background that truly comes to life with under-lighting. And almost like a scene from CSI, Living Surfaces™ Sketch™ tiles allow for hand and foot prints to appear in detail and slowly fade back into the tiles. Jockimo™ Liquid Lava™ spills into the table/counter top arena as well.

Beyond the Surface

Liquid Lava is not limited to flooring. In fact, its uses are not limited by much. Other creative interpretations include:

  • Bar tops
  • Tabletops
  • Counters
  • Backlit panels
  • Ceilings
  • Mobile installations (for trade shows, conventions)
  • Mobile dance floors for weddings, bar mitzvahs and more (available for rent)

Liquid Lava Hot Spots

In addition to being featured on Fine Living TV's "I Want That," and ABC's Extreme Home Makeover,Jockimo™ Liquid Lava™ can be experienced at the Atlantis Bahamas in a new children’s play area, LeAnn Rimes Adventure Gym at the Vanderbilt Pediatric Hospital in Nashville, TN, Banner Healthcare, AZ, Cincinnati Children's Hospital - Cincinnati, OH, Google Chicago, Luthern General Hopsital - IL, and many more.

Part space age, part natural wonder, all creativity, Jockimo™ Liquid Lava™ brings a deeply and beautifully malleable design element that changes with its occupants' every move. Visit www.jockimo.com today to learn more about Jockimo™ Liquid Lava™.

About Jockimo

Jockimo Inc. has vast expertise in developing advanced architectural products for architects and interior designers to use in their projects. Jockimo offers unique, exciting and interactive products not found anywhere else including Jockmo™ Liquid Lava™, holographic glass, dichroic glass, glass flooring, glass treads, antique mirrors, and other specialty decorative glass products.

Jockimo has a background in the packaging design and printing industry working for Nestle Food Company, Colgate-Palmolive and Schering-Plough HealthCare which provided the opportunity work with some of the best marketing minds in the country. Passion for technology allowed Jockimo to develop and implement new technologies that are used today by many industries in the digital field.

In 1998 he decided to go out on his own and he co-founded Artwork in Architectural Glass (AAG). AAG began manufacturing cast glass and glass flooring products and quickly became an industry leader in the specialty art-glass sector. In 2004 Jockimo  realized a need for products that were more interactive and specialty in nature and in turn, he started Jockimo Inc. to address this need. The company quickly gained momentum in the industry as a leader in interactive and custom specialty glass products.

Jockimo continually develops and introduces new, exciting products to the market place. Jockimo creates the future—and can’t wait to unveil the new products that are always in the pipeline.

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