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Jockimo's FacetGlass™ Products

FacetGlass™ is a state-of-the-art kiln-crafted glass product providing designs that are “carved” into the face of the glass. The glass has texture on BOTH sides of the glass and produces eye catching results unlike any other glass available in the market.

Standard and custom designs are available!

We can produce in various colors and lamination combinations:

  • laminated to mirror
  • acid etched glass
  • photographic imagery glass, etc.

Jockimo can even laminate 2 pieces of FacetGlass™ together to create an eye amazing 3-D moiré pattern never seen before in glass.

FacetGlass™ Styles

FacetGlass™ is a product that people MUST touch — it is impossible not to. FacetGlass™ by Jockimo will change the decorative glass industry.