Glass Flooring



Jockimo’s patented glass flooring system is unlike any other product on the market. Our flooring system assembles quickly and easily without screws or fasteners. Once installed it does not squeak, move or cause a tripping hazard. It is clean, sleek and elegant allowing manufacturers and dealerships to showcase their automobiles in a high quality way.

The system can also be used for non-automotive trade show floors as well.

black glass floor


Auto Shows, Tradeshows, Dealerships, Point of Sale

The overall size of the system can be customized to match any required size or shape. The glass flooring panels are available in larger sizes to minimize seam lines and provide a clean professional look.

Flooring Schematic

Jockim glass flooring diagram

AutoFloorSystems Showcase

Jockimo Porsche glassfloor full
glass floor1glass floor2
Jockimo normal colorglass
porsche monterrey closefloor tallPorsche carfloor close tall
White Glass Tradeshow Floorwhite glass floor for tradeshow pic3

Glass Flooring & Treads Project: Bass Pro Shops HQ

Bass Pro Shops HQ Stair in front of boat from entry


Butler Rosenbury & Partners

Our GlassEtch™ laminated glass treads and landings are utilized on this amazing project. There are 2 sections of our glass on this project.  


Springfield, MO

Bass Pro Shops HQ DSC 8423
Bass Pro Shops HQ DSC 8781Bass Pro Shops HQ DSC 8901Bass Pro Shops HQ DSC 9033Bass Pro Shops HQ DSC 9101Bass Pro Shops HQ DSC 9107Bass Pro Shops HQ DSC 9312

Glass Flooring & Treads Project: Edmonton International Airport

Glass FlooringRSPD Jmo EIA BridgeBelow 1


Edmonton International Airport

The design team working on the new Edmonton International Airport terminal asked Jockimo to develop glass flooring panels that could safely handle the weight of an airport passenger vehicle. The glass was engineered by Jockimo to be a total of 5 layers of 1/2" Low Iron tempered glass - with the bottom two layers of glass being offset to accommodate the metal support system.

The panels are 2-1/2" (63.5mm) thick to meet weight requirements and ASTM E2751, Standard Practice for Design and Performance of Supported Glass Walkways. The glass flooring panels can carry a 3,800 lb. (1,724 kg.) load.


Barr Ryder Architects 

Glass FlooringRSPD Jmo EIA BridgeBelow 4922Glass FlooringRSPD Jmo EIA BridgeBelow 5023Glass FlooringRSPD Jmo EIA BridgeDetail 5045Glass FlooringRSPD Jmo EIA BridgeDetail 5047Glass FlooringRSPD Jmo EIA BridgeAbove 4172Glass FlooringRSPD Jmo EIA BridgeAbove 5051Glass FlooringRSPD Jmo EIA BridgeAbove 4828 Edit 2

Glass Flooring & Treads Project: Private Residence, Florida

Private Residence FL 15


Private Residence Florida 

Our Ultimate Privacy™ glass with GlassGrit™ was provide in Azurlite glass on this project on the ocean in Florida. This residence has a stair case on each side of the room and is truly a one of a kind installation. 
Private Residence FL 17Private Residence FL 18Private Residence FL 12Private Residence FL 24Private Residence FL 25Private Residence FL 27

Glass Flooring & Treads Project: Private Residence, New York

Private Residence NY 0760


Private Residence - NY

Our Crystal Clear™ glass flooring GlassGrit™ anti-slip walking surface is used on all panels on this project. We produced panels that are both interior and exterior. The owner's cars can be seen under the living room glass. Very cool project!
Private Residence NY 0679Private Residence NY 0707Private Residence NY 0723Private Residence NY 0742Private Residence NY 0776Private Residence NY 0783Private Residence NY 0802Private Residence NY 0806

Glass Flooring & Treads Project: Private Residence, New York #2

Glass Flooring Jockimo 6 West 9th 1923


Private Resdience, New York

Jockimo’s GlassGrit™ Crystal Clear™ glass flooring is installed on 5 floors of this "apartment" in New York City as well as the roof top walkable skylight.  Each section of flooring appears by the elevator and stair case - except the last year which is on the roof of the unit.  This unit in 2013 rents for $55,000 per month.


Ryan Siemers Photography

Glass Flooring Jockimo 6 West 9th 1880Glass Flooring Jockimo 6 West 9th 1857Glass Flooring Jockimo 6 West 9th 1807 2Glass Flooring Jockimo 6 West 9th 1801Glass Flooring Jockimo 6 West 9th 1795Glass Flooring Jockimo 6 West 9th 1740 EditGlass Flooring Jockimo 6 West 9th 1720 EditGlass Flooring Jockimo 6 West 9th 1705

Glass Flooring Project: Waterloo Region Museum - Waterloo, Ontario

Waterloo Can WRM 16
Architect Moriyama & Teshima Architect Jockimo's Crystal Clear™ glass panels were used in this museum project in Canada. The original railroad tracks can easily be seen through our Crystal Clear™ glass panels.
Location Waterloo, Ontario
Waterloo can WRM 67Waterloo can WRM 72 Edit 2Waterloo can WRM 197 EditWaterloo can WRM 248Waterloo can WRM 161 Edit EditWaterloo can WRM 268Waterloo can WRM 233