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Jockimo ThickGlass™ FAQs

Jockimo ThickGlass™ FAQs

Do you offer samples?
Sampling ThickGlass™ is difficult for a few reasons.  1.) Producing samples is costly. 2.) Producing small samples that can we shipped for review unfortunately do not represent a large panel well.....small pieces do not look like a large panel.  Custom samples may require a deposit that will be refunded if a production order occurs.

Do you provide quotations?
Yes, we provide free quotations. Simply email a dimensional drawing to us and we will provide you with a written quotation within 24 - 36 hours. We will call you, if required, once we receive your fax to discuss your project.

What are your lead times?
Standard lead times are 6 - 8 business weeks from the date of order confirmation. (Please contact us if you require quicker turn around times.)

Is Jockimo ThickGlass™ expensive?
Jockimo ThickGlass™ is more costly than cast or other regular glass products but is not as expensive as one may think. Contact us for a free estimate.

What thicknesses is Jockimo ThickGlass™ available?
Jockimo Glass can be produced in standard thicknesses from 3/4'' up to 4".

Does ThickGlass™ scratch easily?
In our standard offering ThickGlass™ is as scratch resistant as normal glass - which is not that easy to scratch. We offer a scratch resistant coating that can be applied to the glass. Extensive testing has proven that the glass is ten times more scratch resistant than standard glass, without sacrificing clarity. (Our scratch resistant coating is offered at an additional price.)

How do you ship? All Jockimo Glass is packaged in custom-made wooden crates that are produced individually for each order. Shipments are typically made by common carrier, but other shipping methods are available as well. (Additional costs for crating may apply.) All freight is shipped FOB Jockimo studio.

What are your payment terms?
50% deposit is required with order, balance is due prior to shipment of order.

Do you have samples to send customers?
Yes. Please visit our Contact page and provide us your information and a list of samples that you are interested in.

Do you have literature to send customers?
Yes, we have both an electronic and printed binder. However, our website remains our best source to provide customers with the latest updates.