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Glass Floor Systems

Glass Floor systems from Jockimo are a great way to make any space look modern, stylish, and unique. Made of high strength tempered/laminated glass panels, these floors provide a durable, attractive surface that is easy to clean.

The safest, most trusted and recommended glass flooring and walkable skylights available.

At Jockimo, we are committed to providing the best and safest products using the latest technologies. That is why Jockimo is the first and only company to offer the following features with our glass flooring and glass stair products:

  • Full system solutions.
  • Anti-scratch glass flooring.
  • Widest variety of glass flooring products.
  • Operable glass floors.
  • Anti-slip products that exceed international requirements. (Show us a "competitor" anti-slip test and we will show how they do not meet code.) 
  • Energy efficient Insulated glass flooring.
  • ADA compliant glass flooring for visually impaired.
  • Walkable skylights - meet title 24.
  • ASTM compliant glass floors to minimize your liability. (We do not cut corners like "competitors" which means you are safe when working with Jockimo.)
  • Fully engineered wet stamped engineering calculations.
  • Drivable glass floors and walkable skylights effectively transparent products - interior and exterior
  • 23+ years producing glass flooring systems - nobody else has the experiece or knowledge! 


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Glass Floor Systems Project Showcase.

Click on a project profile below to learn more about Jockimo cast glass flooring and treads.

1. WTC Screening Rm 3444 HDR Edit9/11 Musuem

Bass Pro Shops HQ Stair in front of boat from entryBass Pro Shops HQ

Private Residence FLPrivate Residence, Florida

Private Residence NY 0760Private Residence, New York

Waterloo can WRM 161 Edit EditWaterloo Region Museum - Waterloo, Ontario

Glass Flooring EwiUni15 ASilver Springs Corporate HQ

Glass FlooringRSPD Jmo EIA BridgeBelow 1Edmonton International Ariport

Glass Flooring Jockimo New York ResidenceJockimo Glass Flooring Project: Private Residence, New York

Commercial Glass Floor Solutions

In commercial spaces such as offices, glass floor systems can create bold statements with a modern flair that will impress clients. The sleek design adds sophistication while still being remarkably durable enough for daily use. Additionally, since it’s made of glass it won’t attract dust like traditional carpeting does - making it low maintenance and much easier to keep clean over time.

Residential Glass Floor Solutions

For homeowners looking for something special, glass floor systems offer a luxurious look and feel. Not only do they create an impressive visual aesthetic in any room, but their non-porous surface is highly resistant to stains and scratches - making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where spills can often happen. Plus, the smooth surface makes them extremely comfortable to walk on and you don’t need to worry about slipping or tripping! And when you want to change the design of your space, you can easily do so without needing to replace the entire floor - just switch out individual panels as needed.

Why Choose a Glass Flooring System from Jockimo

Glass floor systems from Jockimo are also incredibly safe; specially engineered interlocking systems ensure that the panels stay firmly locked in place even during heavy foot traffic or other impacts. This creates an incredibly strong foundation that won't give way under pressure - so you don't have to worry about any accidents caused by faulty floors! Plus, all materials used meet fire safety regulations so everyone can rest assured knowing they're safe no matter what happens.

Overall, glass floor systems from Jockimo offer a unique way to transform any space into something special. From creating luxury at home with a glass staircase to making bold statements in offices, these floors are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional - plus they're easy to maintain too! Contact our architectural glass experts and see how we can make this vision into reality right away!