What Is Dichroic Glass Used For?

Popular Dichroic Glass Uses: From Function to Artistry to Both

Osman Jockimo DichroGlass Sculpture in Dichroic Glass

If you’ve seen dichroic glass, you know it’s some of the most visually interesting, engaging, and interactive glass available. What you might not know is all the various applications of this unique product. What is dichroic glass used for? Here are the top three most common use cases.

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Uses of Architectural Glass

The Ultimate Guide to the Uses of Architectural Glass

jockimo architectural glass

Glass is one of the most beautiful, brilliant, and eye-catching architectural materials. From traditional architectural mirror glass to glass flooring, there are many uses of glass in modern architecture. The use of glass in architecture provides an opportunity for natural and controlled lighting, depending on the design and placement of the glass itself. Understanding the uses of architectural glass in history and in modern design can help when constructing or remodeling a building of your own.

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What Is Dichroic Glass?

Dichroic Glass: Possibly the Most Stunning Architectural Glass Around

DichroGlass Dichroic Glass Sculpture

From art installations to custom glass countertops, many projects incorporating dichroic glass can be seen in either the commercial or residential sphere. Whatever the setting, it is always stunning, interactive, and perpetually changing. But what is dichroic glass? How did it start; how do you make it; and what do architects, designers, and artists need to know about it?

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Top Benefits of TRUE Colors Colored Glass from Jockimo

Why Designers & Architects Rave about TRUE Colors Colored Glass

ThickGlass 2 Inch Jockimo Blue TRUE Colors Colored Glass Countertop

Architectural glass products provide sophistication, timeless beauty, and modernity to any space. Add in the element of colored glass, and you open up even more advantages. Discover the top benefits of TRUE Colors colored glass from Jockimo and what makes this product so unique in the industry.

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Overview of TRUE Colors Colored Glass from Jockimo

Discover This Revolutionary New Advancement in Colored Glass

TRUE colors Jockimo ThickGlass Examples

When it comes to the architectural glass industry, colored glass has historically been a difficult product. Color choices were narrow. Customization was limited. The aesthetics of the glass itself were not ideal. To combat these issues, Jockimo, a custom glass manufacturer specializing in architectural glass products, created TRUE Colors glass. Discover what this product is, what sets it apart from other colored glass, and why architects and interior designers are such big fans.

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Why Architectural Glass Products Belong in Business Bathrooms

How Bathrooms with Architectural Glass Products Make Businesses Money

glass top vanity unit

Bathrooms are an often-overlooked but crucial part of the retail experience. Even more than many businesses—or the interior designers who style them—realize, an unpleasing, dirty, or uninspired bathroom has a negative effect on customer experience. On the other hand, a stunning, modern, immaculate bathroom can inspire sales and customer loyalty. Here are the top reasons architectural glass products in the bathroom, such as glass countertops and framed antique mirrors, can be more than worth the investment.

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Businesses That Would Benefit from Antique Ceiling Mirrors

poolside at an upscale hotel

Why Antique Ceiling Mirrors Are Right for These 3 Commercial Spaces

Interior design in a commercial space is about more than just making the room look nice. It’s about creating a favorable impression that draws patrons in, keeps them coming back, and encourages them to tell everyone they know to do the same. It’s about making strategic design choices that improve the experience of everyone in that space. For hotels, restaurants, and office spaces, that impactful design choice could be antique ceiling mirrors.

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Why Ceiling Mirrors Are More Important Than Ever to Restaurants

How Mirrored Ceilings Play Perfectly into Post-Pandemic Restaurant Design Trends

chef working in a kitchen glass countertops

From where we work to how we gather with friends and family, the pandemic has affected, changed, and disrupted so many aspects of our lives. It has even started to affect the way we design our commercial spaces. In this post-pandemic landscape, here’s why ceiling mirrors are the perfect complement to modern restaurant design.

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An Overview of Ceiling Mirrors in Office Interior Design

How to Create Impact with Ceiling Mirrors in Office Interior Design

exterior of a tall glass office building

When it comes to designing the interior of a commercial office space, one trend in particular is making waves: ceiling mirrors. Tasked with creating or reinvigorating the interior of an office building? Here’s why this ceiling trend goes hand in hand with corporate spaces. If you’ve heard about this technique and are curious how it works in office interior design, here’s everything you need to know.

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15 Massive Benefits of Ceiling Mirrors in Homes and Businesses

Using Mirrors in Interior Design to Make the Space Feel Bigger

Top Ceiling Mirror Advantages for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Rethinking the interior design of your home? Renovating the inside of a commercial building? Adding ceiling mirrors could be the best design move you make. Here’s a breakdown of all the top benefits of ceiling mirrors…and why this trend isn’t going anywhere soon.

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Are Ceiling Mirrors Your Secret Weapon to Stellar Restaurant Design?

waiter carrying dishes in a restaurant using beautiful restaurant design

5 Advantages of Mirrored Ceilings in Restaurant Design

Restaurant design is all about creating the right dining atmosphere. Every design choice is a deliberate decision meant to make diners feel something: more welcome, more at home, or more decadent. If you’re looking to make a big statement in your next restaurant design project, here are five reasons to incorporate ceiling mirrors into your plans:

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2022 Ceiling Trends Include…Custom Ceiling Mirrors

ceiling mirrors

Why This Throwback Ceiling Trend Is Right for Modern Businesses

Do mirrored ceilings conjure images (and flashbacks) of the 1970s for you? Then it’s time to reimagine what’s possible with custom ceiling mirrors. Today’s reflective ceiling trend is sleek, functional, and glamorous, and lots of businesses are capitalizing. Here are the top reasons any commercial business should consider incorporating ceiling mirrors into their interior design.

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9 Ceiling Mirror Benefits Interior Designers Need to Know

ceiling mirrors

Interior design trends come and go, but with all the associated benefits of ceiling mirrors, this recent resurgence in ceiling-mounted mirrors doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon. As an interior designer, here are nine major reasons to consider mirrored ceilings for your next residential or commercial revamp.

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