About Jockimo Inc.

About Jockimo

Jockimo, Inc. specializes in decorative architectural glass products for designers and architects. We offer unique, exciting and interactive products including glass floor, glass flooring, glass bridges, glass stair treads, glass steps, glass treads, Liquid Lava liquid filled floor tiles, glass table tops and glass bar tops, antique mirrors, cast glass, fused glass, thick glass, holographic glass, dichroic glass, mirror subway glass tiles, painted glass, textured glass, stacked glass, slumped/fused glass, and other specialty architectural decorative glass products.

All of our decorative architectural glass are manufactured according to the highest standards, ensuring that they are not only beautiful but also durable and safe. Others may try to mimic our products, but there is only one Jockimo. Jockimo is the decorative architectural glass specialist.

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Our Team

Tim CaseyTim CaseyTim Casey - Owner
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Tim Casey at Vegas Glass, c. 1977Tim at Vegas Glass, c.19Tim is the founder and owner of Jockimo Inc. He grew up in the glass industry and has a B.S. in Technology from Georgia Southern University, located near Savannah, GA.

His professional background is in the packaging design and printing industries working for Nestle Food Company, Colgate-Palmolive and Schering-Plough HealthCare. This provided him with the opportunity to work with some of the best marketing minds in the country. His passion for technology allowed him to develop and implement new technologies that are used today by many in these fields.

In 1998 he decided to go out on his own and he co-founded Artwork in Architectural Glass (AAG) outside of Atlanta, GA. AAG began manufacturing cast glass and quickly became an industry leader. In 2004 Tim realized a need for products that were more specialty in nature and as a result started Jockimo, Inc. Jockimo quickly gained momentum in the industry offering glass flooring and glass treads, antique mirrors, cast glass and other decorative glass products.

In 2008, to reduce confusion among customers as to which company offered what product, Tim merged AAG and Jockimo into one company - Jockimo, Inc.

Jockimo continues to develop and introduce new exciting products to the market place. Tim is excited about the future and cannot wait to unveil the new products in the pipeline. Tim enjoys traveling, camping, and going to Disneyland with his wife and son.

Igor BeaufilsIgor BeaufilsIgor Beaufils - National Sales Manager
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Igor has been the longest serving team member with Jockimo and its predecessor company. Igor is a ground breaker in the architectural products industry having introduced many new products to the North American design community in the last eighteen years. His passion and expertise for decorative glass and glass flooring is widely known, as he has been asked to speak to both design and glass industry professionals in numerous settings. He is also a frequent lecturer at Kent State University, Lawrence Technology University, Andrews University, and Cleveland Institute of the Arts, He is affectionately called the “glass man” by his closest design clients.

Igor is not your typical sales person having earned over 5 patents and holding a BS from the U.S. Air Force Academy and a MS in Industrial Engineering from New Mexico State University. In turn he is able to discuss the technical nuances of glass flooring and decorative glass as well as its intrinsic aesthetic characteristics. His appreciation for the glass flooring and decorative glass business is only exceeded by his love and appreciation for his faith, wife, children, and Church family.

Client List (partial)

  • Chef Joel Antunes
  • Atlantis Resort Bahamas
  • Atlantis Resort Dubai
  • Avis
  • BBDO
  • Biltmore Estate
  • Brasfield & Gorrie
  • Brookside Country Club
  • Buckhead Life Restaurant Group
  • Becker's Steakhouse
  • Borgatta Hotel & Casino
  • Cheesecake Factory
  • Chicago Transit Authority
  • Chili's
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Corporate Express
  • Cushman & Wakefield
  • Disney
  • Doubletree Hotel
  • Emeril's Restaurant
  • ESPN
  • Exxon
  • First Bank of Franklin
  • Gateway
  • Georgia World Congress Center
  • Gold's Gym
  • Google
  • Grandview Heights Public Library
  • Harrah's
  • Hartsfield Airport
  • Hershey
  • Highwoods Properties
  • Hilton
  • Holiday Inn
  • HomeBanc
  • Home Depot Expo.
  • Hyatt Hotels and Resorts
  • Indianapolis Zoo
  • Jaguar
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Knuckleheads
  • Latin Grammys
  • Microsoft
  • MTV Networks
  • Lexus
  • Lucent Technologies
  • John Manville
  • Marriott Resort
  • McDaniel College
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Memorial Health Univ. Medical Center
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Methodist Hospital
  • Moore Brothers Wine
  • Neutrogena
  • Northcrest Hospital TN
  • The North Face
  • New Oklahoma City Federal Building
  • Ohio State University
  • Omni Hotels
  • Pfizer
  • PPG Industries
  • PriceWaterhouseCooper
  • Puerto Rico Zoo
  • Renaissance Sea World
  • Ritz Carlton
  • Ruth's Chris
  • San Joaquin Hospital
  • Sephora
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • Sonic Corporation
  • Starwood Hotels & Resorts
  • St. Helen Catholic Church
  • Ted's Montana Grill Restaurants
  • The Chelsea Museum
  • Verizon
  • Westin Hotels
  • Yahoo!
  • Chef Roy Yamaguchi


  • "At this point, we’re specifying you on pretty much every job. Have one in bid right now, and another that should start bidding within the next month, plus another 2 or 3 projects in construction."

  • "Just wanted to let you know the glass came in and all is well. Thank you so much for exceeding my expectations. Its beautiful." 
    AZ Home Owner
  • "I would be your PR guy in a second! Your product is not just a set of stairs - it is a significant part of the architecture of the house."
    Home owner - Venice, CA

  • "It was great working with you on this project, the sample you produced is what sold the client on the design. I look forward to working with you in the future!"
    Job Captain - NY Architecture & Engineering firm

  • "As one of the owner’s of our firm I feel confident in specifying your product for other clients because of your terrific customer service.  Please say a special thanks to all of the workers who had to work over Easter weekend.  Thanks again! I cannot wait to see the stair finished.  When we take professional photos I will make sure to send a copy your way."
    Owner, Architecture firm in the Midwest

  • "It turned out just great!  I'll make sure to get you a picture as soon as they install and send me one. Thank you for all your help on this. You guys do fantastic work!"
    Home Owner

  • "I hope you are doing well!  Our customer walked the 24th floor today and they love the Jockimo art glass! Great job! Please pass on our thanks and congratulations to your team. We have a very happy client!"
    V.P. of Interior Design of global company

  • "We installed the glass late last week and I would like to commend you on the construction of the panels. The dimensions were perfect! I appreciate your efforts."

  • "Thanks for a great product. The glass looks beautiful and is the exact measurement."
    General Contractor in CO

  • People stand at the bar and literally play with the bar top until we make them move to serve other customers. We are very pleased with the end result of the Liquid Lava™ tiles!" Owner of Mai in Nashville, TN

  • Thank you so much. Our executive producer is really excited about this product. We are really trying to push new, innovative, high tech products on our show. We truly appreciate your help on this episode!! Your new website looks fantastic!
    Producer of ABC's Extreme Home Makeover

  • I want to confirm that I received the Antique Mirror this afternoon. Everything is perfect! The mirror is AMAZING! I couldn’t thank you enough on how fast you got this mirror to me. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! I will soon follow up with some site photos once we install the mirror. Thanks again!!!!
    Illinois Customer

  • “The company is Jockimo. I’ve Cc’d them on this email. They may connect you with a sales rep to get the ball rolling. We worked remotely with one in Dallas and everything went smoothly.  They appear to be able to do almost anything!  (Hi, Tim!)”
    Residential customer in TX

  •  "The list of service providers I can easily recommend is short!  You are on the top."
    Previous Customer

  • Outstanding customer care and services are an absolute must in any industry, and my limited exposure to Jockimo has provided instant insight into how important our company is to you. I’ve personally had nothing but prompt and professional feedback on every correspondence I’ve sent in your direction - and that means a world of difference when it comes to product manufacturing and distribution.  The end result being I can perform my responsibilities comfortably knowing that Jockimo has provided quality attention to detail on their end. Tim, keep up the great work and maintain the expert level of communication, and all that’s left to say is: Cheers to quality products and continuing on a bright path with Jockimo. 
    Woodwork customer

Recycled Glass

AAG Shipping Crate

Jockimo believes in doing our part to improve the condition of our planet. In turn we have developed processes to help reduce the amount of glass that goes into landfills and recycling plants by utilizing this glass in our production processes.

Manufacturers/suppliers in their float glass manufacturing and fabrication processes use large quantities of glass that are cut off and set aside for further fabrication. Much of this glass would go directly into tractor trailer sized dumpsters on the premises that are taken away and replaced with new empty dumpsters multiple times each week.

The photo on the right was taken by Jockimo on a recent visit to one of our fabricators of how much glass is thrown away daily. Glass from these companies is now used by Jockimo to be used on our projects - instead of going to landfills or the recycling plants.

Over 65% of all Jockimo glass is produced using Recycled Glass - whether our customers request recycled glass or not.

Once glass is tempered it cannot be cut, fabricated or manipulated in anyway. If someone were try to cut a piece of tempered glass it would "pop" and break into many small pieces. At Jockimo we can utilize a revolutionary recycling process for tempered glass where we can de-temper, cut the glass to size and fabricate, cast the glass with one of our textures, and then re-temper the glass. This process has further allowed Jockimo to eliminate the discarding of glass that would otherwise go into landfills or to the recycling facilities.

You are probably wondering - how much more for recycled glass? Jockimo is proud to help our planet and we do not charge any additional up charges for recycled glass.

If you have questions about our recycling procedures, please don't hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us.


Shipping Container CleanJockimo Shipping Container

All Jockimo glass is shipped insured via air-ride common carrier trucks within North America. All glass is packaged using reinforced furniture-quality wooden crates that are hand made by Jockimo. The glass is safely packaged with foam to ensure safe transfer, and mishandling indicators (Tip N Tells) are applied to both the outside and inside of all crates. (In case someone removes the outer labels.)

Over 98% of glass manufactured and shipped by Jockimo has been delivered without incident to destinations all over the world.

Upon shipment we will send you photos of your crate as well as photos of your glass being packaged so you can see its condition. We will send you (or the customer) our Jockimo Receiving & Inspection Instructions as well as the Bill of Lading for your shipment so that you can track the progress of your shipment and schedule delivery if required.

If you have questions about our shipping procedures, please don't hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us.


Jockimo glass cleaningA feather duster is ideal for regular day-to-day cleaning of glass.  If a more thorough cleaning is necessary, the following materials and methods should be used:

  • Materials – Soft lint free cloth (do not use coarse brown paper towels), and a non-abrasive, non-ammonia glass cleaner. Avoid abrasive materials and solutions.
  • Method – Spray the cloth lightly with cleaning solution. Dab the cloth softly on the glass surface to remove dust and lint. For more heavily soiled areas, use a light circular motion to remove dirt. Clean all accessible surfaces of the glass.

Glass, like all other functional products, will greatly benefit from a program of routine maintenance. While regular cleaning of the glass is the most obvious aspect of a maintenance regimen, it is also important to inspect the condition of adjacent materials such as grouts, adhesives, fasteners and hardware.

Architectural glass should be reviewed at least annually in order to ensure that related components are performing adequately. After ensuring the glass is firmly affixed, or fastened in place, and all adjacent materials are functioning satisfactorily, cleaning can be carried out in the above manner.

If there are any questions please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Jockimo Blog

 Delta Airlines JFK

Delta Airlines T4 terminal at JFK New YorkDelta Airlines T4 terminal at JFK New York

We recently completed and shipped a custom glass flooring product for the new Delta Airlines T4 terminal at JFK New York. This is a very exciting project for us because of the visibility involved in a prestigious project such as JFK, but also due to the fact that we approached this project in a green manner.

We shipped the glass from CA to NY via rail instead of standard over the road trucks. In doing so we saved TONS of C02 carbon dioxide omissions.

Here are the details: If we had shipped via LTL truck over the road it would have used up 10.48 tons of CO2. Since we moved via rail we used only 2.35 tons saving 8.12 tons of CO2!

Installation photos of this exciting new project will follow on jockimo.com shortly.

Jockimo and MLB Fan Cave

Jockimo-FanCaveNEW YORK, NY - MAY 24: Nick Offerman of Parks and Recreation dances on a Jockimo Liquid Lava™ floor tile during Offerman's tour with Cave Dweller Ashley Chavez at the MLB Fan Cave Thursday, May 24, 2012. Visit the MLB Fan Cave located at Broadway and 4th Street in New York City to see our Liquid Lava™ panels in action. (Photo by Paige Calamari/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

alaska-jockimo-dichroglass-Alaska DichroGlass™ sculpture

We are proud to announce the completion of the Studio Osman Akan new sculpture, "Fragmenta". Located in Anchorage, Alaska the sculpture includes 300 panels of our DichroGlass™. The panels are 24” x 24” and are laminated with polished edges.  We drilled a 1-1/2” diameter hole in center of each panel to accommodate mounting hardware.

Please see Studio Osman Akan's blog here.

© Osman Akan
"All Rights Reserved"

Liquid Lava™ Custom Shapes and Sizes

jockimo-liquidlava-customshapesWe are proud to announce our ability to provide custom shapes with our Liquid Lava™ liquid filled products. The addition of new machinery allows us to provide shapes and sizes that "competitors" cannot and frankly have yet to think of. The attached image is a candy shape that we are currently producing for a high end candy store located in Corona Del Mar, CA that we just received an order on. As soon as the tiles are installed we will post installation photos for all to see.

Featured on ABC Extreme Home Makeover, HGTV'd and Fine Living TV, Liquid Lava™ products are exciting modular panels consisting of liquid sealed within the tiles. The tiles are resilient, and when pressure is applied, the liquid within the tiles literally swirls around one's feet.

Featured on ABC Extreme Home Makeover, HGTV'd and Fine Living TV, Liquid Lava™ products are exciting modular panels consisting of liquid sealed within the tiles. The tiles are resilient, and when pressure is applied, the liquid within the tiles literally swirls around one's feet.

Our tiles are made up of two sheets of polycarbonate. The top is an anti-slip surface and the lower is a shockproof layer. The two sheets are combined and sealed with rigid polycarbonate, becoming a single piece. (Other's offer an environmentally unfriendly pvc knock-off fyi.) Jockimo is the only Underwriters Laboratories (UL) classified liquid filled floor tile product on the market.

Stay tuned to this blog for more details on our Jockimo products.

So you want a glass floor?

glass-floor-blog-photoMany people think that glass flooring is a new product - the "latest hot new trend". In actuality, glass floors have been a feature of architectural design for approximately 100+ years. Of course 100 years ago the safety standards that are in place now were not in existence. Glass floor panels "back in the day" were typically poured cast glass 1" thick plus and not laminated for safety. Many of the 100+ year old installations are only now being updated and replaced due to wear and tear and to meet current safety standards. Hopefully this assures the owner, architect, interior designer, and contractor that Glass Flooring is an enduring product.

The second myth in regard to glass floor panels is that the walking surface of glass floors is slippery. In this matter we encourage you to rely on Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) testing. UL410 specifically states that a floor must exceed .5 coefficient of friction (COF) to receive a UL rating. In fact, Glass Floor made to meet UL410 and tested by UL exceed the COF of many popular flooring surfaces such as marble, granite, and the like.

The final myth is regarding strength. Are glass floors strong? Will they hold pedestrian traffic? Absolutely! Glass floors should be engineered to hold pedestrian traffic 100 to 150 lbs per square foot. Additionally, the analysis (we strongly recommend finite element analysis) should take into consideration that the glass must be partially compromised (broken) and yet still hold the load. Today the ASTM and other standards dictate that glass be produced to minimize potential liabilities and in turn be safe for all. Jockimo is a contributing member to the ASTM glass floor development committee where we are developing standards for all to follow in the producing of glass floors and glass stair treads. This new standard dictates that all glass floor panels should be laminated for safety.

Igor Beaufils
North American Sales Manager
Glass Flooring and Slump Cast Glass Division
Jockimo Inc.

Stay tuned to this blog for more details on glass flooring design and details.