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Glass Candy Glass Options

Below you will find our current antique mirror offerings.

We are able to provide safety glass (either tempered or laminated), leaded and insulated panels, custom fabrication (holes, notches, etc.), and we can supply our MirrorUnique™ glass products in ANY thickness and LARGE sheet sizes as well.  We can even provide custom colors and many times match other antique products.

Note: Glass colors can vary slightly due to raw material variations and in turn final production glass can differ slightly than a sample. Final production antique mirrors can also vary slightly from provided samples because small samples are cut out of a large panel of glass and it is not possible to capture all aspects of a hand-made mirror in a small sample.

tarn_distTarnished Distressed DistressedDistressed AntiqueAntique
SmokedSmoked TarnishedTarnished TranslucentTranslucent
Antique_PinholeAntique Pinhole
heavy_tarn_distHeavy Tarnished Distress
Copper_G-newGNA Copper
GNA-Antique-GoldGNA Antique Gold GNA-BronzeGNA Bronze
GNA-AmethystGNA Amethyst GNA-Cobalt-BlueGNA Cobalt Blue GNA-Cobalt-BlueGNA Cobalt Blue
GNA-EmeraldGNA Emerald Green GNA-Forest-GreenGNA Forest Green GNA-LightBlueGNA Light Blue
GNA-MahoganyGNA Mahogany GNA-Pale-RoseGNA Pale Rose GNA-Ruby-RedGNA Ruby Red
9142_Green9142 Green 9142 White 9142_Red9142 Red
9142_Gold9142 Gold 9142_Blue9142 Blue Gold Vein
(can be applied to all)
9143-asylumAsylum - 9143 9100Distressed Silver - 9100 9104Dirty Window - 9104
9103Smoldering Ash - 9103 9107-SmokedOvercast - 9107 Smoldering Ash - 9103