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Jockimo ChillGlass™

chillglass loungeJockimo Chill Glass™ Lounge

Our NEW Chill Glass™ is part frosted, part transparent and full amazing. Providing the same level of high quality that our customers have come to expect from Jockimo, Chill Glass™ delivers unlike any other product on the market.

This exciting new glass is ideal for interior panels, wall cladding, shower enclosures and any place where partially private glass is required - even glass flooring.

ChillGlass Patterns

Click on a patterh below to view a larger image.

Jockimo Chill Glass Barbell thumbBarbellJockimo Chill Glass Circletarget thumbCircle TargetJockimo Chill Glass Circletarget Reverse thumbCircle Target ReverseJockimo Chill Glass Droplets Reverse thumbDroplets ReverseJockimo Chill Glass Hoboken thumbHobokenJockimo Chill Glass Hoboken Reverse thumbHoboken ReverseJockimo Chill Glass Hoops thumbHoopsJockimo Chill Glass Hoops Reverse thumbHoops ReverseJockimo Chill Glass Overlie thumbOverlieJockimo Chill Glass Overlie Reverse thumbOverlie ReverseJockimo Chill Glass Overlie Small thumbOverlie SmallJockimo Chill Glass Overlie Small Reverse thumbOverlie Small ReverseJockimo Chill Glass Pindot thumbPindotJockimo Chill Glass Snakeskin thumbSnakeskinJockimo Chill Glass Snakeskin Reverse thumbSnakeskin ReverseJockimo Chill Glass Steelplate thumbSteelplate