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Living Surfaces™ Liquid Lava™ Table Top Technical Information

Our Table Tops are made up of two sheets of polycarbonate. The two sheets are combined and sealed with rigid polycarbonate, becoming a single piece. Polycarbonate is a plastic material that perfectly withstands shock or impact when applied at room temperature. The Liquid Lava™ tile is approx. 1/4" thick and for table tops the tile is attached to a wood base to create the completed table top.

Each Liquid™ tile is tested individually by overloading half of the surface with a load distributed which amounts to 500 kg per square meter.

We offer three (3) different top surfaces and (3) different styles in our Table Tops. Standard colors are available as well as custom colors if required.

The liquid within Living Surface™ Liquid Lava™ Table Tops is non-toxic. Living Surfaces™ Liquid Lava™ are patented products.

Technical Data
Thickness: 1-1/8"

Shore/Durometer: D 66/77

The hardness testing of plastics is most commonly measured by the Shore (Durometer) test. This test method measures the resistance of the plastic toward indentation. Shore Hardness is the preferred method for rubbers/elastomers.

Fire reaction: class 1

Liquids used are non-toxic and safe for all environments.

Jockimo Liquid Lava sizes

Installation Instructions
Place table top upside down on protective pad or carpet.  Attach base to the bottom of the table top.  (All table tops come predrilled to accept screws allowing an easily attachment to standard table bases.)

To obtain best results, periodically use an auto polishing metallic wax. This should be applied ONLY with a mop directly to the surface. (The tiles can be cleaned as well using common detergents found within the home as well.) Do NOT use automatic cleaning machinery and polishing wheels on the tiles. The rate of which the tiles should be cleaned depends on the amount of traffic that may occur for each installation.

Do not use solvent wax and always avoid PVC solvents and acetones. Care should be taken when the tiles butt against carpet or other flooring products which automatic cleaning machinery is used to clean. These machines can cause SERIOUS damage to the tiles and caution should be used in these installations.

Place protective pads under furniture and chair legs to protect the tile surface.

Cleaning advice

Ink, Blood, Mustard, Tomatoes, Urine –
Use diluted chlorine or hydrogen peroxide (30 volumes) and add a few drops of ammonia or alcohol vinegar. Apply to surface without rubbing and rinse thoroughly.

Rust – Use rustproof or oxalic acid (rinse).

Paint, Rubber Marks, Ball Point Pen, Marker, Hard Oil – Use mineral turpentine. Rub with detergents and rinse thoroughly.

Cigarette burns – Rub slightly with a double abrasive paper. Apply an emulsion over the surface.