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Jockimo Glass Flooring Features

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UL Logo tested and approved.

Jockimo is the only Underwriters Laboratories (UL) tested and approved anti-slip glass flooring product on the market.

Both of our exclusive anti-slip walking surfaces - GlassGrit™ and GlassFrit™ - exceeds ADA (Americans with Disabilitites Act) requirements.


glass flooring

Multiple Options Available.

Available in Ultimate Privacy™, Crystal Clear™, Privacy Frost™, or Ultimate Privacy Frost™. Other options include glass colors, lamination colors, paint, custom frost, special lamination interlayers as well as custom textures.

Monolithically polished edges.

Jockimo is the only glass flooring manufacturer that offers a monolithically polished edge on their fully tempered glass stair treads and flooring after laminating. Others may offer polishing but their glass is annealed and in our opinion, not as safe as fully tempered glass.
polished glass edge

Meets ADA requirements.

Jockimo offers an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) required contrasting strip on the nosing of stair treads and landings. Jockimo is the only glass flooring manufacturer that can offer this patent pending product.

Our exclusive anti-slip GlassGrit™ and GlassFrit™ surfaces exceeds ADA requirements as well.
ada glass stripe