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Jockimo Bent Glass

Jockimo offers high-quality Bent Tempered Glass, conforming to safety glazing standards, from 1/4" through 1/2" thickness. Flat glass is heated until red hot, carefully formed to the desired shape, then tempered by super cooling to trap high energy within the glass. The resulting bent tempered glass has up to a fourfold strength increase compared to annealed glass of the same thickness, and if broken, breaks into an innumerable number of relatively small fragments of more or less cubicle shape.

Our maximum size is 78" girth x 126" height with a minimum radius of 15 3/4". Our Bent Tempered Glass can be combined with insulated and laminated products to meet every safety and security specification.

We can even bend and temper our cast glass textures to create an even more stunning product.

AAG bent glass