Jockimo Glass Flooring Systems

We make your life easy - and keep you safe.

Jockimo has been providing glass flooring systems longer than anyone in the industry. We are the world leader in glass flooring systems because we are innovators. We were the first to offer the following…..and we are still the only to offer:

  • Anti-scratch glass flooring. 
  • Multiple anti-slip products that exceed international requirements.
  • Energy efficient Insulated Glass Flooring.
  • ADA compliant glass flooring for visually impaired. 
  • Fully engineered wet stamped engineering calculations.

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Glass Flooring and Glass Treads Project Showcase

Click on a project profile below to learn more about Jockimo cast glass flooring and treads.

Bass Pro Shops HQ Stair in front of boat from entryBass Pro Shops HQ

Private Residence FLPrivate Residence, Florida

Private Residence NY 0760Private Residence, New York

Waterloo can WRM 161 Edit EditWaterloo Region Museum - Waterloo, Ontario

Glass Flooring EwiUni15 ASilver Springs Corporate HQ

Glass FlooringRSPD Jmo EIA BridgeBelow 1Edmonton International Ariport

Glass Flooring Jockimo New York ResidenceJockimo Glass Flooring Project: Private Residence, New York