Jockimo MirrorHues™

MirrorHues™ is our NEW line of colored modern mirrors.

MirrorHuesJockimo MirrorHues™

We have developed these exciting mirrors to compliment our MirrorUnique™ antique mirrors, but they also stand on their own as a beautiful product unlike anything available in the glass industry. Perfect for any design style where a splash of reflective color is desired, MirrorHues™ mirrors are available in rich colors, not available elsewhere - with more in development.


Colored Mirrors


mirror BlackSilver MirrorHues™ "Black Silver"mirror GemBlue MirrorHues™ "Blue"mirror blue grey MirrorHues™ "Blue Grey"Jockimo Colored Mirror MirrorHues™ "Catalina Green"mirror champagne MirrorHues™ "Champagne"mirror Copper MirrorHues™ "Copper"mirror darkness black MirrorHues™ "Darkness Black"mirror EuroGray MirrorHues™ "Euro Grey"mirror Gold MirrorHues™ "Gold"mirror Pink MirrorHues™ "Pink"Jockimo Colored Mirror MirrorHues™ "Plum Purple"