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GlassFrit dot matrix perspGlassFrit™ Dot MatrixOur GlassFrit™ products are made via silk screening onto the glass, much like how a t-shirt is printed, and then baked onto the glass.

Our GlassFrit™ products deliver a high level of anti-slip coefficient and is suitable for both interior or exterior applications. GlassFrit™ is available in both standard or custom patterns. JGlass™ can also be easily applied to provide an anti-slip and anti-scratch walking surface. Custom GlassFrit™ surfaces are available upon request.

  • Our GlassFrit™ Dot Matrix pattern is a dot pattern design that provides a high level of slip resistance and a large amount of transparency - the most available in a frit product.
  • Our GlassFrit™ 100% full coverage provides the highest level of slip resistance available as well as high level of privacy.


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GlassFrit dot pattern texture Dot Matrix pattern
GlassFrit full coverage texture 100% full coverage

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