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Why Cheap Glass Flooring Isn’t the Best Glass Flooring

9 11 Museum World Trade Center Screening Room Glass Flooring

When Glass Floors Go Wrong (with Pictures!)

When you get an estimate for your glass floor project, it’s easy to jump at the lowest bid. Here are some compelling reasons—and photographs—to show why this isn’t always a good idea.

What Low-Quality Glass Flooring Can Look Like Down the Line

Not all glass floors are created equal. A low-quality product made with low-quality processes can quickly show wear and tear. This comes in the form of:

  • Visible scratches
  • Gouges or chips
  • Compromised anti-slip glass

The glass floor project below was made using an antislip frit treatment. After just seven years, you can see how entire sections of that antislip are completely worn away. This compromises the look of the flooring, but it also poses big safety concerns.

Glass Flooring with Worn Antislip Glass Close Up

Glass Flooring with Worn Antislip Glass

Glass Flooring with Worn Antislip Glass Full Project

Beyond safety, low-quality glass flooring can also pose aesthetic issues. Check out the deep, unsightly scratches and chips on this commercial glass flooring project.

Commercial Glass Flooring with Chips and Scratches

Commercial Glass Flooring Project with Scratches

4 Problems Associated with Cheap, Low-Quality Glass Floors

From aesthetics to safety, there are numerous reasons you want to ensure you’re working with a high-quality glass manufacturer for all architectural glass products.

  1. Safety

Maybe it’s the antislip treatment wearing over time. Maybe it’s the integrity of the glass panels themselves. When you choose a glass manufacturer based solely on price, the safety of that flooring becomes a question mark.

Remember, though, whatever price you pay, safety is not a guarantee. Your best bet is to carefully vet your potential glass manufacturer.

Make sure to ask these question to ensure your glass flooring is safe.

  1. Liability

Liability is another significant concern around improperly designed, built, or installed glass floors. If your floors aren’t safe and they break, there’s potential for people to get injured.

Whether you’re a private residence or a commercial space, you can have personal liability if someone is injured on your property.

That liability extends to anyone involved in the project. That includes:

  • The owner
  • The general contractor
  • All subcontractors

Glass floors are not an architectural feature where you want to be cutting corners or compromising on manufacturers.

Just check out what happened at the Willis Tower SkyDeck as the protective glass layer shattered 103 stories up!

  1. Aesthetics

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, low-quality glass floors don’t look as nice over the years. Even if the functionality of the flooring is still intact, you can get unsightly scratches, dings, gouges, or discoloration.

Yes, nothing lasts forever, and no architectural feature is indestructible. With the right anti-scratch treatment, though, a glass floor or glass countertop can look pristine, even decades after installation.

  1. Return on Investment

When you’re comparing flooring bids, it’s hard to think past those initial numbers. Everyone wants to spend less in the moment.

It’s important, though, to think about the lifetime value of the product. When you go with an inferior floor, you’re potentially taking on the time and expense of:

  • Repairs
  • Additional maintenance
  • Outright replacement

Saving a few bucks early on doesn’t mean much if you have to fully replace the feature less than ten years down the road.

This applies to the overall glass flooring, as well as features and treatments. For example, going with a higher quality anti-slip, such as the Jockimo GlassGrit™, is more expensive up-front but can save you over time—in aesthetics, safety, and repair or replacement cost.

Want More Information about Glass Flooring Estimates?

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