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How a Custom Antique Mirror Can Transform the Look of Your Business

Maybe you’re looking to overhaul the design of your commercial space. Maybe it’s just time to update the aesthetics. Whatever the intent of your commercial rework, consider the benefits of incorporating antique mirrors into your design efforts. Here are the top five ways an antique mirror can effortlessly elevate your interior design:

1. Enhance Natural Light

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One of the best things about designing with mirrors is that they are beautiful and interesting in their own right, but they are also functional. By reflecting any natural light that enters the room, an antique mirror—or, indeed, any mirror—can help make a space feel brighter, lighter, and more inviting.

This effect works equally well in a clothing store or a bar or a hotel lobby. Any commercial space can benefit from this technique.

2. Make a Space Feel Larger

Antique Mirrors HR greenroom cropped

Again, this is a benefit of working any mirror into your interior design scheme. Because they reflect, mirrors create a pleasing optical illusion. They make a space appear much more open, airy, and spacious than the square footage might otherwise suggest.

Many commercial spaces can leverage this technique. For example, maybe you have a small conference room you want to feel more sweeping and imposing. Large mirrors can help create that effect. Maybe you have a quaint restaurant you would like to feel bigger. Well-positioned mirrors and smart design choices can easily and effectively create this illusion.

3. Add Old-World Charm to a Modern Space

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One of the best ways to create visual interest with your design choices is to juxtapose two seemingly conflicting things. Perhaps you want your space to feel clean, sleek, and modern. Placing an antique mirror in that setting can create an interesting visual dissonance.

(Don’t take it from us. Check out this article. It illustrates how, when it comes to interior design, opposites can definitely attract.)

If you’re looking for a touch of beautifully weathered, distressed sophistication, an antique mirror could be the answer you need.

4. Create a Striking Visual Focal Point

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Interior design is often a balancing act. It’s about adding a few smartly chosen pieces that make the maximum impact. Creating a room around a strong focal point is a great way to create an interesting, attractive, inviting space. An antique mirror can serve as that striking visual.

Whether you’re trying to draw people into a retail showroom or you’re creating an appealing aesthetic at a restaurant, bar, or café, antique mirrors can make that quick, striking impact.

5. Think Outside the Box with Your Antique Mirror Selection

Antique Mirrors The Line Hotel Austin ceiling

Antique mirrors aren’t limited to traditional framed pieces. Those are certainly possible. (Check out our installation gallery here.) However, don’t think that’s where your options stop.

Antique mirrors can play myriad roles in your interior design efforts. They can be used in any of the following ways:

  • Integrated into walls.
  • Integrated into ceilings.
  • Integrated into shelving.
  • Used in antique mirror furniture, such as tables or end tables.

When an antique mirror doubles as a building material, it becomes architectural glass. Learn more about this unique and interesting approach to design in this blog.

One important note here is that your options will largely be dictated by the glass manufacturer with whom you choose to work. When you work with a glass manufacturer who only provides set molds and ready-to-order pieces, you are limited to those selections. However, when you partner with a company that can do custom work, the sky is really the limit. The best fit will depend on your company’s needs.

Want to Know More about Antique Mirrors?

If you’re interested in learning more about Jockimo’s line of custom antique mirrors, check out these resources:

Questions? Reach out to us today. We’re happy to chat about your options or to help you get started with your antique mirror order today!