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Using Ceiling Mirrors as an Interior Designer

Interior design trends come and go, but with all the associated benefits of ceiling mirrors, this recent resurgence in ceiling-mounted mirrors doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon. As an interior designer, here are nine major reasons to consider mirrored ceilings for your next residential or commercial revamp.

Ceiling Mirrors and Interior Design: Practical, Financial, and Aesthetic Reasons to Go Bold with Your Mirrors

  1. Ceiling Mirrors Make Any Room Look Bigger

One of the primary benefits of a ceiling-mounted mirror is how it creates the illusion of space. If you’re working with a small room, a confined area, or low ceilings, artfully placed ceiling mirrors can help make that room feel and appear larger than it actually is.

There are several applications here for private residences. Ceiling mirrors can help amplify any home space with limited square footage:

  • Home offices
  • Guest rooms
  • Sunrooms or reading nooks

Outside of homes, ceiling mirrors can also offer this benefit to commercial spaces. As more and more interior design renovations incorporate ceiling mirrors, certain industries are emerging as popular candidates:

  • Restaurants
  • Corporate buildings
  • Hotels and hospitality spaces
  1. A Ceiling Mirror Enhances Natural Light

ceiling mirrors

Whether you’re dealing with wall-mounted antique framed mirrors, floor to ceiling mirrors, or ceiling mirrors, these products naturally reflect light. By incorporating them into interior design, you can amplify the natural light in any given space.

The benefits here are numerous:

  • Utility of the space: From a practical standpoint, enhancing natural light can turn a room from a dark area into a more usable, functional, well-lit space.
  • Health benefits: Natural light provides various health benefits. This includes everything from longer, better sleep and better vision to boost vitamin D and improved mood.
  • Better productivity: Home office. Corporate office. Wherever the client is working, a dose of natural light can increase productivity.

Get more detailed information on all the benefits of daylighting.

  1. Cut Costs and Reduce Carbon Footprint with Fewer Artificial Lights

When ceiling mirrors are reflecting and amplify natural light, the dependence on artificial electric lights goes down. Fewer hours with bulbs burning directly translates to lower energy bills.

While many factors affect energy consumption, a strategic daylighting plan can reduce energy use from electric lighting up to 75 percent.

This is good for the wallet, but it’s also good for the environment.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, if every house in the United States changed out just one incandescent bulb to an LED, it would result in a 9-billion-pound reduction of greenhouse gas emissions every year.

As energy efficient as they are, though, LED bulbs still produce 451 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

Daylighting can help homes and businesses eliminate the use of light bulbs during certain times of day altogether.

  1. Ceiling Mirrors Are Easy to Clean and to Maintain

When it comes to ceilings, their height and the accumulation of grime make them notoriously difficult to clean. By converting a ceiling’s material to mirrors, it becomes a much easier surface both to clean and to maintain.jockimo custom designs antique ceiling mirrors

Unlike other materials, which are prone to staining, discoloration, and dirt absorption, glass is easily wiped clean with a feather duster or dry, lint-free cloth.

For more stubborn splotches or blemishes, your client can use a damp cloth, distilled water, or a vinegar solution. With glass, there’s no need for harsh chemicals, caustic cleaners, or abrasive scrubbers. With a minimal amount of effort, the glass will come up pristine, even after years of use.

  1. Ceiling Mirrors Add a Touch of Elegance and Romance

Interior design is all about balance. With every interior design choice, you want the space to be both functional and visually pleasing. Ceiling mirrors can help you walk that line.The Line Hotel Austin Texas Ceiling Mirrors

Having a mirror ceiling instantly adds the following into any design:

  • Luxury
  • Elegance
  • Romance
  • Drama
  • A touch of whimsy

If this is the direction your client wants, mirrored ceilings can be an effective way to achieve this look.

  1. Make a Room Stand Out from the Crowd

floor to ceiling mirrors

Interior design allows you to infuse a room with your client’s particular sense of style. When done well, it creates a space as unique as the clients themselves.Casino with Mirrors up High Near the Ceiling

Mirrors are a popular, practical, and effective addition to any interior design, and ceiling mirrors are a great way to give a space a unique twist on that concept. It’s sure to make a room unique, striking, and bold.

Whether you’re redoing a residence or a business, this helps ensure the space stands out and makes a big impression.

  1. Match or Complement the Existing Interior Design

Antique ceiling MIrrors

Mirrors are an interior designer’s best friend. They brighten a room and amplify space, but they are also often neutral.

You can easily integrate mirrors into just about any design style. Whether you’re looking to match or to complement what’s there, a mirror can enhance any room.

This means mirrors have a place in any level of interior design. They can be incorporated into existing décor, or they could be worked into completely new design plans.

  1. Mirrors Highlight Other Interior Design Features

Mirrors are a great way to call attention to other stunning visual aspects of the room. If there’s an interior design element you want to make prominent in the space, consider adding a ceiling mirror over it.chandelier interior design

The mirror provides all the inherent benefits of space and light while simultaneously highlighting another feature, such as a chandelier or a custom piece of furniture.

  1. Custom Ceiling Mirrors Are Available

When you work with an architectural glass manufacturer, you have a lot of options for your ceiling mirrors. Many aspects can be custom created, including the following:

When you partner with an experienced custom glass manufacturer, you can get a great sense of what is and isn’t possible with your ceiling mirrors.

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