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11 Texture and Pattern Options for Your Glass Countertops

Whether you’re renovating the interior or exterior of a space, designing with glass elevates your look on two levels. One, glass has an inherent beauty and sophistication. (This makes it a common candidate for architectural building materials.) Two, glass lends itself to textures, patterns, and designs. This brings additional design interest into an already-striking material.

Jockimo Glass Countertops: Available Textures and Patterns

If you opt for a glass countertop, bar top, or vanity from Jockimo, here are all the patterns that are currently available to integrate into the piece:

  • Bruke

bruke popups

  • Icy

icy popups

  • Lunar Surface

lunarsurface popups

  • Minimus

minimus popups

  • Natural

natural popups

  • Pablos

pablos popups

  • Smoke

New Smoke popups

  • TerraForm

terraform popups

  • Urth

urth popups

  • Veloma

veloma popups

  • Wooded

wooded popups

Benefit of Working with a Custom Glass Manufacturing Company

Maybe you know you want glass countertops but don’t see anything that’s right from the available options. Glass is still a good choice because it lends itself to custom designs.

This is one of the biggest advantages of working with a custom glass manufacturing company. You can partner with that business, using the expertise and experience of the manufacturer—coupled with your vision—to create something unique and truly one of a kind.

Not sure how to choose the right glass manufacturer? Check out these two resources:

If you have a custom glass idea in mind but aren’t sure about pricing, feasibility, or logistics, feel free to reach out. We’re always happy to talk through a potential design or custom texture.

Details about Jockimo ThickGlass

Available Thicknesses

ThickGlass™ comes in various thicknesses, including the following:

  • 1”
  • 1 ½”
  • 2”
  • 3”


This glass product can be used in a variety of interior or exterior settings:

  • Countertops
  • Bar tops
  • Vanity tops

For interior applications, ThickGlass™ can also be used with vertical panels.


ThickGlass™ is compatible with Jockimo’s cutting-edge technology TRUE Colors. The process actually infuses the decorative glass with color. This stands in contrast to how many other glass manufacturers create the illusion of colored glass by painting or applying a tinted film.

Other coloring options include low iron or clear glass, as well as added colors.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about either a custom or preset color option.

Edge Treatments

Jockimo’s glass countertops can be finished with numerous edge treatments:

  • Flat polished

flatpolished edge jockimo

  • Bull nose, ½ bull nose

bullnose polished edge jockimo

  • Irregular edge

Brossa PurpleBlue 2004 Web WM

Edge Lighting

With many of our glass countertops, bar tops, or vanity tops, we’re able to integrate a custom LED edge (or “lip”) that allows for the lighting of glass. This gives the glass a distinct and unique visual aesthetic.

Note that this differs from the True Colors technique, which actually colors the glass itself. LED lighting simply illuminates the glass that’s there. This does give you more versatility and flexibility in terms of available color options.

saudiarabia thickglasscounter 6195 640 480 100

Ready to Add Glass Countertops to Your Space?

Think glass countertops would be the right fit for your home, business, or commercial space? Ready to start crafting your unique vision? Reach out today, and we can get the process started!