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Common Questions about Our Line of Distressed Glass

Do you love the look of antique mirrors? Are you interested in learning more about these unique elements of interior design? To help, we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions about our line of antique mirrors, MirrorUnique™.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jockimo’s Antique Mirrors

1. What Is MirrorUnique™?

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MirrorUnique is a line of antique mirrors created by Jockimo, a decorative architectural glass manufacturer. Every mirror is hand-created by us using centuries-old mirror antiquing techniques combined with today’s latest in glass products and technologies. Learn all about MirrorUnique

2. What framing options do I have for my antique mirror?

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When you choose an antique mirror from Jockimo, you have the option to have that mirror be framed or unframed. If you want it framed, we offer standard mirror sizes, but we also specialize in custom dimensions.

3. What’s the maximum panel size for a Jockimo antique mirror?

Generally speaking, our mirror panels have maximum dimensions of 72” x 130”. If you require something outside this range, please contact us, and we can discuss how to accommodate your custom project.

4. Can you match the finish and aesthetics of another antique mirror?

Very likely. Jockimo’s antique mirrors are custom works of art, and we work with the client to produce the desired end result. We are able to match many different finishes and can replicate designs, patterns, or elements of almost any existing piece. (For example, we can offer everything from monogramming to gold leafing to stylized etching.)

To offer some idea of the breadth of available finishes, explore our current antique mirror offerings.

Not finding the look you want? Not a problem. Remember, Jockimo can work with you to create a custom finish not currently in the line.

5. How thick is the glass for a Jockimo antique mirror?

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Jockimo can create an antique mirror in any custom thickness up to one inch (1”). If you require something thicker, our mirror antiquing techniques can be paired with our ThickGlass™ product line. While this product is typically used for glass countertops, ThickGlass can certainly be utilized in this capacity.

(Can’t get enough of glass for your interior and exterior design needs? Interested in learning more about glass bar tops as well? Check out this list of 10 benefits of outdoor glass countertops.)

6. Are Jockimo’s antique mirrors durable and safe?

Every antique mirror can be tempered or laminated, or a category 2 safety backing can be applied. Antique mirrors can even be made into leaded and insulated units. These techniques provide durability and safety in every antique mirror.

Note, the tempering process can result in some distortion within the mirror. If that’s an issue, we recommend the category 2 safety backing as an alternative. This makes mirrors shatter resistant, keeping glass fragments together in the event the mirror is broken.

7. Are samples of your antique mirrors available?

Antique Mirrors The Line Hotel Austin ceiling

Absolutely. Reach out with your information and the samples you’re interested in receiving, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

When it comes to samples, keep in mind these come from larger panels, which can have a great deal of variance in detail, pattern, and coloring. Because they are handmade pieces, this variety is to be expected, and no small sample can capture every nuance of a full piece of custom distressed glass.

Please check out this glass magnifying tool we’ve created to illustrate this point.

8. Do you have any literature on your antique mirrors?

Yes. Feel free to view this PDF to give you a high-level overview of our MirrorUnique line.

9. Can I get a quote for an antique mirror?

Of course. Simply email an image to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’ll provide you with your written quote within thirty-six business hours.

Have a question you didn’t see on this list? Want to know something else about decorative or architectural glass? Contact us today. We’re always happy to provide whatever insight, information, and guidance we can!