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Why Architectural Glass Products Belong in Business Bathrooms

How Bathrooms with Architectural Glass Products Make Businesses Money

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Bathrooms are an often-overlooked but crucial part of the retail experience. Even more than many businesses—or the interior designers who style them—realize, an unpleasing, dirty, or uninspired bathroom has a negative effect on customer experience. On the other hand, a stunning, modern, immaculate bathroom can inspire sales and customer loyalty. Here are the top reasons architectural glass products in the bathroom, such as glass countertops and framed antique mirrors, can be more than worth the investment.

5 Ways Clean, Stunning, Upscale Bathrooms Help Businesses

  1. A Beautiful Bathroom Improves Customer Perception of the Business

tarnished antique mirrors from Jockimo in the Seattle Facebook offices

For many patrons, a bathroom is a key window into how the overall business operates. A dirty, poorly maintained, or unattractive bathroom leads to a negative impression of that business. A stunning, put-together, clean bathroom speaks to a business that takes care of important details and cares about the customer experience.

The numbers back this up. An online Harris Poll survey on commercial facilities found 74 percent of Americans said a dirty bathroom led to a negative perception of that business.

By adding beautiful, thoughtful design elements, such as glass vanities, glass countertops, or antique mirrors, you can help create a space that improves the overall impression of the business.

  1. Luxury Bathrooms Encourage Patrons to Spend More Money

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The biggest impact of integrating architectural glass products into a commercial bathroom is that it can make people more inclined to spend money at that business.

It does this in two key ways. One, it makes people want to spend more time in the business. Two, it encourages people to return.

Dirty or otherwise unappealing bathrooms have the opposite effect.

The Bradley Corporation conducts an annual Hand Washing Survey. In its eleventh iteration, it found 62 percent of Americans would “definitely” or “probably” spend more cash at a business with clean restrooms.

With the pandemic, this also appears to be an issue more and more people care about. That 62 percent is up from 45 percent just two years prior.

Glass vanities and other luxury decorative glass features are a bigger initial investment than some other materials. However, the striking, positive impression they create could generate enough initial and repeat business to more than make up for that difference.

  1. Stunning Bathrooms Promote Positive Word-of-Mouth

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When people have a bad experience with a business, they are likely to share it. Maybe it’s just telling one friend person-to-person. Maybe it’s writing a scathing online review for the whole world to read.

Whatever medium a dissatisfied patron chooses to use, that negativity around a business can have a real dollars-and-cents impact. People trust the word of others, even if it’s an online review from a stranger.

You want to do everything in your power to create a positive experience with that business and to avoid any publicized negativity around it.

Some elements are out of anyone’s control, but designing an impressive, striking bathroom is one way to boost the overall customer experience of any patrons who walks in the door.

It might even be enough to get that person to leave a positive review.

  1. Glass Looks Cleaner Than Other Materials

feather duster on glass surface

Cleanliness is a huge driving factor in how people perceive a bathroom and, by extension, the entire business.

Even if the existing bathroom is immaculately clean, certain materials simply don’t look it. This includes everything from the pattern and veining on some countertops looking like dirt to dark marble surfaces showing every fingerprint and smudge.

Older, damaged, or worn materials can also look shabby even when they’re clean.

On the other hand, glass is easy to clean, and it is highly durable without a lot of maintenance requirements. Choosing this material helps the bathroom look as pristine as the day it was installed, even many years down the line.

  1. Glass Is a Highly Durable Material with Great ROI

lotus framed antique mirror from Jockimo

Glass vanities and framed antique mirrors can elevate the look and feel of any bathroom. They create a seamless, stylish, modern, and minimalist aesthetic that’s simultaneously bold and timeless.

Beyond this, the material is also highly durable, especially if you use glass with an anti-scratch surface.

The initial investment you make in architectural glass features will pay off in several ways:

  • The design aesthetic will look modern and relevant for years, minimizing your need to redesign.
  • The material will last, looking clean, polished, and impressive for decades.
  • The positive impression the glass features make will encourage patrons to spend more time and money there, to keep coming back, and to tell others to do the same.

What Businesses Should Invest in Architectural Glass Products for Their Bathrooms

Any business with a restroom available to their patrons could benefit from architectural glass features, but they’re particularly effective in these industries:

  • Restaurants or bars
  • Hotels or other hospitality entities
  • Health care facilities
  • Retail establishments
  • Car dealerships

Questions about Integrating Architectural Glass into Commercial Bathrooms?

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