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What Makes Glass Countertops Durable?

If you’re seeking out unique kitchen countertop ideas, you might have come across glass counters. For those who want something a little different in their kitchens than the standard granite or quartz, glass can be a beautiful, bold alternative. The material, however, leaves some homeowners wondering: Are glass countertops durable?

3 Factors That Help Ensure Your Glass Countertops Are Durable

Scratch-Proof Glass

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One common criticism of glass countertops is that they are prone to scratching. This is a valid concern, but it’s not the whole story.

Glass countertops are a big investment, so the important thing to remember is that untreated glass countertops can scratch. An anti-scratch coating is an essential step in the manufacturing of any glass counters.

Scratches can significantly mar the aesthetics of an otherwise sleek, clean glass surface. Properly treating them with a scratch-resistant coating can ensure the product looks flawless, even after years of use.

Have you opted for scratch-proof glass? Some common-sense practices are still recommended. For example, as with any countertops, always use a cutting board rather than cutting directly on the counter surface.

Thickness of Glass Countertops

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The thickness of a piece of glass can also affect the countertop’s overall durability. Glass countertops typically come in standard thicknesses. This includes 3/8”, 1/2", and 3/4".

Specially designed and engineered thick glass countertops can be found in additional thicknesses: 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, and even 3”.

If you’re working with a glass manufacturer, make sure they aren’t recommending glass that’s any thinner than that minimum 3/8”.

Resistance to Shattering

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Many homeowners or commercial building owners express initial concern about the durability of glass as a countertop material. This misconception is understandable. (If you’ve ever dropped a glass, you know just how easy it is to shatter!)

With glass countertops, though, the glass used is designed specifically for that application. The glass must meet stringent international building codes, including those outlined by ASTM.

In terms of general glass properties, glass is extremely strong in compression. In other words, it’s excellent at bearing weight. Where glass does not do well is with blunt trauma. This means a very high impact from a narrow source.

No countertop material is indestructible. That being said, glass countertops are considered “equally as durable” as any stone countertop. If you’d be comfortable using granite or marble for your kitchen or bathroom countertops, you could have an equal level of confidence in any glass countertop.

Want More Information?

Glass counters are not nearly as prevalent as other types of bathroom or kitchen countertops. (That’s part of what makes them so unique and striking.) If you have any questions about this material—from maintenance considerations to durability to price—please don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’re Jockimo, a custom manufacturer of architectural glass products, and we’d be happy to provide insight, estimates, or other information for your project.