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How to Make Glass Flooring Private

Oklahoma City Federal Building with Cast Glass Privacy Glass Flooring

Simple Solutions to Glass Flooring Privacy Concerns

You love the bold, timeless, sophisticated look of glass flooring. There’s just one problem. Privacy. Luckily, whether you’re adding glass flooring to a private residence of a commercial space, you have several options for how to make glass flooring private.

What Is the “Privacy Problem” of Glass Flooring?

When you install glass flooring, it’s usually to allow light to transfer between multiple levels in a space. It makes the entire area seem larger, more open, and brighter.

Because people are going to be walking above while others are below, fully transparent glass flooring does present a potential modesty issue.

To protect anyone wearing a skirt or other clothes that would be revealing from below, consider your options for making glass flooring private.

3 Easy Techniques for Making Glass Flooring Private

If you’re trying to preserve the modesty of anyone who will use your glass floors, take advantage of any of these techniques:

  • Use frosted glass rather than transparent glass.
  • Use cast glass to incorporate designs, textures, or patterns that distort anything on the other side.
  • Use colored glass to obscure the image from below.

At Jockimo, when we manufacture glass flooring, we offer three glass options to the customer: Crystal Clear™ (fully transparent), Ultimate Privacy™ (distorted with texture), and Ultimate Privacy Frost™ (frosted glass).

Crystal Clear Ultimate Privacy Ultimate Privacy Frosted Glass for Glass Flooring

Does Privacy Glass Still Allow for Daylighting?

One of the biggest glass flooring benefits is the ability to let light filter through multiple levels of a space. By capitalizing on daylighting, you can transform spaces that were once narrow, small, and dark into something that feels much larger, brighter, and more open.

(What is daylighting? Check out the link to learn more about what it is, how to achieve it, and top considerations for optimizing it in your space.)

Once you start using privacy glass for your glass flooring, many wonder if you still get all the advantages of daylighting. The answer? Yes!

Whether you choose frosted glass, textured glass, or colored glass, your floor will still allow for light to filter through the entire space. It won’t be as bright as using fully transparent glass, but it will not stop light entirely.

Where Is Privacy Glass Most Common?

While privacy glass can be incorporated into any glass flooring or glass stair treads, including in private residences, it’s most commonly used in commercial spaces.

This includes any of the following:

  • Hotels, resorts, or other hospitality centers
  • Restaurants or bars
  • Museums
  • Retail spaces
  • Government buildings

Have Any Questions about Glass Flooring?

Want to learn more about your glass flooring options? Interested in getting a quote for your next project? Have any specific questions about incorporating glass floors into your space? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’re Jockimo, a custom manufacturer of architectural glass products, including glass flooring, glass countertops, and antique mirrors. We’re always happy to answer your questions or to discuss your next glass project!

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