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Why Ceiling Mirrors Are More Important Than Ever to Restaurants

How Mirrored Ceilings Play Perfectly into 2023 Restaurant Design Trends

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From where we work to how we gather with friends and family, the pandemic has affected, changed, and disrupted so many aspects of our lives. It has even started to affect the way we design our commercial spaces. In this post-pandemic landscape, here’s why ceiling mirrors are the perfect complement to modern restaurant design.

3 Ways Ceiling Mirrors Could Boost Revenue for a Restaurant

This applies equally to private homes and commercial spaces. If interior designers who work with restaurants are aware of these kinds of trends, capitalizing on them could help bring more patrons in to dine.

Here’s why ceiling mirrors are one such lucrative trend.

  1. Ceiling Mirrors Make Small Spaces Look and Feel Larger

glass of wine and dish of food in an upscale restaurant

The pandemic hit certain industries harder than others. Places like hotels and restaurants, which relied on in-person clientele, struggled the most to keep their heads above water and their books out of the red.

Even many restaurants that weathered the storm ended up moving locations. They did so in favor of less expensive leases and smaller dining spaces.

A ceiling mirror is a clever, visually interesting, and effective way to make a small space feel more open, airy, and large.

Even if the restaurant’s dining space has been significantly pared down to accommodate fewer in-person patrons, a ceiling mirror can create that desirable illusion of space and comfort.

  1. Mirrored Ceilings Give a Restaurant a Unique Personality

friends talking and drinking wine around a large restaurant table

While this ceiling trend is gaining in popularity, it’s still not something every restaurant is going to adopt. This makes it an inherently unique design feature. This kind of stylistic choice can help set the restaurant apart and give it something different, interesting, and engaging that other restaurants aren’t offering.

According to the data, this is the ideal time to provide that kind of incentive and capitalize on public opinion around return to dining.

In April of 2020, here’s how many people said they were “comfortable” going to a restaurant or café:

  • Baby Boomers: 15%
  • Gen Xers: 18%
  • Gen Zers: 21%
  • Millennials: 21%
  • All adults: 19%

In June of 2022, here’s what the numbers looked like:

  • Baby Boomers: 75%
  • Gen Xers: 76%
  • Gen Zers: 80%
  • Millennials: 78%
  • All adults: 77%

People are anxious to start dining out again. The numbers show there’s still a small reluctance, but the vast majority of people are ready to get back to restaurants.

Ceiling mirrors lend a restaurant an appealing, upscale, fun aura. It creates a space people want to be in, and that can help pull in those droves of ready diners.

  1. Ceiling Mirrors Create a Talking Point about the Restaurant

crowded restaurant with pendant lights and reflecting ceiling

There are many benefits of ceiling mirrors, and that very much includes making a dramatic design statement.

Dining out is an experience. It’s a splurge and an indulgence. Why do people pay for that? Because it’s about a lot more than just getting a meal. The food and the convenience are, of course, key parts of that experience, but it’s also about going somewhere interesting, beautiful, trendy, comfortable, or fun.

The interior design choices of a restaurant create the atmosphere of that space. If those choices are thoughtful, striking, and interesting, they can be the very restaurant features that get patrons talking. They can be the subject of social media posts or favorable online reviews. They can be the thing that overcomes that last bit of hesitance and gets people into the restaurant.

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