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4 Advantages of a Glass Top Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom remodels are notoriously difficult. You have to decide on lighting fixtures. Tiling. Color schemes. Then there’s the vanity. You want something beautiful and timeless, but you also want something that makes a statement on its own. With just about every bathroom remodel today looking like a variation on the same theme, you might be wondering if a statement piece like a glass vanity top is a good fit for your space. Here are four reasons the answer might be a resounding “yes.”

glass top vanity unit for the bathroom

1. Enjoy the Beauty of a Glass Top Vanity

Like many elements of interior design, the right vanity unit for you comes down to personal preference. Some people believe granite vanities look the best. Others swear marble is the only way to go.

Those who lean toward glass vanities usually prioritize these aesthetic elements:

  • Clean, streamlined look.
  • Minimalism.
  • Contemporary presentation.
  • Unique, bold design statements.

More often than not, a glass top vanity is the design centerpiece of a bathroom. It’s striking and different (in all the right ways), and it’s meant to stand out.

Note, if you’re making other bold design choices in the same bathroom, the look could become busy. If you’re going big somewhere else, assess if a glass vanity will complement or compete.

2. Scratch-Resistant Glass Gives You Longevity and Peace of Mind

glass top bathroom vanity

Vanities are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Not only do they get used every day, but they also have to withstand toothbrush cups, hairdryers, and soap dishes scraping across their surface.

If you’re opting for a glass top vanity, be sure you’re getting one with a scratch-proof glass treatment. This will ensure your vanity looks pristine and functions flawlessly for years after installation.

This provides great peace of mind, but it also helps ensure you see a great return on your investment. Having to replace a scratched, unsightly vanity top can be spendy!

3. Get a Glass Vanity Top with Integrated Sink Feature

Some benefits of an integrated sink include the following:

  • Aesthetics. For the most sleek, seamless look, you can’t beat an integrated sink. This look becomes even more seamless when the material is all glass.
  • Cleanup. Without a sink lip to contend with, cleanup becomes much easier. Glass is already a low-maintenance material, and an integrated sink lends that advantage to the entire vanity.
  • Design consistency. When your vanity top and your sink are made with the same material, you don’t have to worry about matching or complementing your design materials. It’s easy for a room to look busy when you start mixing and matching. An integrated sink eliminates that concern.

4. Customize Your Glass Vanity Top to Your Exact Specifications

glass vanity in a bathroom

Customization is key to achieving a room you love. If customization is your goal, glass is the ideal material. With glass, you can achieve all the following:

  • Different colors.
  • Varying thicknesses.
  • Diverse integrated patterns within the glass.
  • Unique edge treatments.
  • Integration of LED lights.

Whatever mood you want to elicit or design theme you want to create, glass can accommodate. This makes it a desirable, sensible material that can easily deliver your dream style.

Get Your Questions Answered

Glass vanities aren’t as common as other vanity materials. You probably have lots of questions. Luckily, we’re a custom glass manufacturer, and we’d be happy to answer any and all questions.

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