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Discover the Reflective Colors Available with These Modern Mirrors

In commercial venues today, interior design plays an essential role in the overall feel of a space. Whether you’re trying to create a fun or calming atmosphere, your interior design choices (color, texture, pattern, materials, and more) can help you achieve your desired look. Colored mirror glass is one striking way to add beauty and a splash of visual interest to any space (commercial or residential). Learn more about MirrorHues™ colored mirror glass here:

11 MirrorHues™ Colors Now Available from Jockimo Decorative Architectural Glass

Jockimo Mirror Black SilverJockimo Mirror Black Silver

Blue Grey mirrorJockimo Mirror Blue Grey

Catalina Green mirrorJockimo Mirror Catalina Green

Champagne mirrorJockimo Mirror Champagne

copper mirrorJockimo Mirror Copper

Darkness Black mirrorJockimo Mirror Darkness Black

Euro Grey mirrorJockimo Mirror Euro Grey

Jockimo Mirror GoldJockimo Mirror Gold

Jockimo Mirror PinkJockimo Mirror Pink

Plum Purple mirrorJockimo Mirror Plum Purple

Please note, that computer monitors can slightly alter the brightness, hue, tone, and intensity of colors. To get the most accurate sense of what our MirrorHues™ line looks like, contact us today to request a sample.

Colored Mirror Options

The MirrorHues™ line includes the standard colors above, but customization is also available. If you require a specific design or color, please just reach out. We can assess your job on an individual basis and determine if it’s feasible.

MirrorHues™ Technical Specifications

If you’re interested in this product, here are some helpful technical specifications:

  • The product is available in either tempered or laminated glass. (What you need will depend on your specific project. Learn more about laminated versus tempered glass here.)
  • If you’re using annealed or tempered glass, the thickness will be ¼”. If you’re using laminated glass, it will be thicker.
  • The maximum size for any individual panel is 48” x 84”.

A Word about Antique Mirrors

MirrorHues™ is a line of modern, colored mirrors. However, they were designed to complement our MirrorUnique™ antique mirrors. (Want more information? Learn all about our antique mirrors, and get answers to the top antique mirror FAQs.)

In this way, they can work in tandem with our antique mirrors, or they can be used as standalone pieces. It will depend on your space and your desired look.

Have Questions?

Think MirrorHues™ could be right for your commercial or residential space? Please feel free to check out the brochure for more information.

For any questions specific to your project, reach out today. We’re always happy to help!

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