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All about DichroGlass™ from Jockimo Glass Company

Don’t Know DichroGlass™ from Jockimo Glass Company? Let’s Change That!

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"Fragmenta," by Studio Osman Akan, State of Alaska Public Art Collection

Whether used in a private residence, an art installation, or a commercial space, there’s no denying it. Dichroic glass is stunning. If you can’t get enough of this color-shifting glass, learn all about DichroGlass from custom glass manufacturer Jockimo. Discover what it is, what technical specifications are possible, and what sets it apart from other dichroic glass on the market.

What Is DichroGlass?

DichroGlass is a type of dichroic glass. It’s a trademarked architectural glass product from Jockimo, a custom glass manufacturing company.

As dichroic glass, it is visually dynamic and viewer interactive by nature. Depending on your viewing angle and lighting conditions, the glass will appear in different colors.

Luma Restaurant with DichroGlass Dichroic Glass from Jockimo

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Jockimo DichroGlass: The Specifics

Composition of DichroGlass

DichroGlass is available in both laminated glass and tempered glass. Either type meets all relevant safety requirements, so there’s never any need for concern on that front.

If you’re not sure whether laminated or tempered glass will be better for your project, just ask. Lots of considerations go into this decision based on your specific project, and a qualified, experienced glass manufacturer can walk you through every step of that choice.

Basic Uses

DichroGlass is available in both horizontal and vertical panels, making it ideal for:

Generally speaking, DichroGlass is intended for interior use, but there are limited exterior applications as well. The Studio Osman Akan sculpture “Fragmenta” is one stunning example.

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"Fragmenta," by Studio Osman Akan, State of Alaska Public Art Collection

Outside of architectural glass, DichroGlass is a popular choice for art installations and other creative endeavors. This includes everything from jewelry and sculptures to stained glass and mosaics.

Size Availability

Sizing is one key way DichroGlass differs from other dichroic glass offerings.

The maximum standard tempered dichroic glass panel from Jockimo can be ordered up to 60” by 96”. This large size allows for more freedom within a project, whether that’s in a residential space, an art installation, or a commercial venture.

Laminated sheets can be ordered in lengths up to 95”. Extended lengths can be done through special order, but you’ll need to discuss your project beforehand. Standard widths are 38” up to 48”.


The captivating aspect of dichroic glass is its ability to shift and to change colors based on angle, perspective, and lighting.

Depending on your vantage point and environment, DichroGlass contains and displays the entire spectrum of colors. This means, at varying times, you can see:

  • Aqua blue
  • Green
  • Deep blue
  • Magenta
  • Copper
  • Red
  • Yellow or gold

Rio Casino Jockimo DichroGlass Dichroic Glass


Large dichroic glass panels from Jockimo are made in a vacuum deposition chamber, a highly sophisticated and technical multimillion-dollar machine. The expense of that equipment means not every glass manufacturer is going to be able to provide this type of glass.

Because this type of machine is available to Jockimo, the base for the dichroic glass can be either clear or textured. This gives clients even more flexibility and customization with their final glass products.

Questions about DichroGlass Dichroic Glass?

Do you have any questions about DichroGlass? What’s possible? Pricing? How to get samples?

Just reach out.

We work closely with designers, architects, and artists to get them the exact architectural glass products they need for their projects. We’re always happy to help or to answer questions!