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Top Benefits of TRUE Colors Colored Glass from Jockimo

Why Designers & Architects Rave about TRUE Colors Colored Glass

ThickGlass 2 Inch Jockimo Blue TRUE Colors Colored Glass Countertop

Architectural glass products provide sophistication, timeless beauty, and modernity to any space. Add in the element of colored glass, and you open up even more advantages. Discover the top benefits of TRUE Colors colored glass from Jockimo and what makes this product so unique in the industry.

6 Benefits of TRUE Colors by Jockimo

  1. Give Clients What They Want with Customization Options

TRUE Colors architectural glass aqua

As a custom designer or architect, a big part of your job is bringing your client’s vision to life. Your professional reputation, referrals, and success often depend on this.

A product like TRUE Colors colored glass provides a unique opportunity to tailor an interior or exterior space to the client’s exact specifications.

This colored glass product comes in seven preset colors:

  • Amber
  • Aqua
  • Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Black/Gray (Olive)
  • Pale Blue
  • Sea Green

Beyond these set colors, however, custom colors are possible.

This means you can deliver a product that exactly matches your client’s desires. This is true for everything from a restaurant looking to match a brand color to a private homeowner seeking to perfectly complement existing décor.

  1. Capitalize on Color Psychology with Custom Colored Glass

Color Psychology in Interior Design

Whether in the residential or commercial sphere, color has a huge impact on the look, feel, and atmosphere of a space. Brands can make use of this color psychology by strategically implementing certain colors in specific places throughout a room.

Using color correctly can be a powerful and impactful tool for driving a positive brand experience. According to the study Impact of color on marketing, a potential customer makes up his or her mind about a product or business within just ninety seconds. Approximately 62 to 90 percent of that decision-making is based on color alone.

It’s clear. Colors matter.

It can have a real dollars-and-cents impact on your clients’ businesses and a tangible influence on how that space makes its occupants feel.

Having the option to customize glass color means the clients get the striking decorative glass feature, but they also get to capitalize on the subtle but powerful influence of color.

  1. Benefit from the Superior Aesthetics of TRUE Colors

TRUE Colors Jockimo ThickGlass Examples

Because TRUE Colors glass is actually infused throughout with the color, it creates an aesthetically superior product. It doesn’t matter what angle you view the glass feature. It will look just as vibrant, rich, and stunning.

It will also take on dynamic and beautiful hues in different lighting.

Glass that’s been painted or made to look colored with colored film simply can’t match this depth and complexity of color.

  1. TRUE Colors Colored Glass Is Compatible with Thick Glass Pieces

ThickGlass TRUE Colors Blue Glass Countertop

For many architects, one of the biggest benefits of TRUE Colors is that it can be used with thick pieces of glass. Traditionally, colored glass was only available in quarter-inch-thick pieces. With TRUE Colors, you can get completely infused pieces in 1 ½ to 3 inches.

This makes TRUE Colors a particularly stunning addition to thick glass countertops.

Within the Jockimo product line, this is known as ThickGlass™.

  1. Make a Bold Statement with Colored Glass

Colored glass is a striking addition to any business or residence. A colored countertop could easily become the signature look of a bar or restaurant. A bold-colored vanity could set your business bathroom apart from the competition

 and create positive brand perception.

Strategically integrating these big design choices creates a proportionally big response. If the piece is unique, interesting, and beautiful enough, it can encourage people to:

  • Return to the place of business again and again
  • Be lifelong brand advocates
  • Spend more money while at the establishment
  • Tell friends and family all about it
  • Post or share favorable messages or pictures online

Whatever your industry, the right décor can make a bold statement, and that can translate to increased profits.

  1. Enjoy a Unique Architectural Glass Product

TRUE colors architectural glass amber

Most colored glass today is created using one of three techniques:

  • Painting the glass itself
  • Applying colored film
  • Manipulating the appearance with colored LED lights

Because it’s actually infused with the color throughout the entire glass piece, TRUE Colors colored glass is fundamentally different. Jockimo created this technique and is the only glass manufacturer using it today.

When you incorporate an architectural glass product using TRUE Colors, it means your client receives something truly unique in the industry. No other residence or business is likely to have something of that caliber, aesthetics, and quality because it can only be obtained from one place.

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