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The 4 Types of Jockimo Slip-Resistant Glass

Thinking about incorporating glass into your flooring, stair treads, or walkable skylights? Whether you’re a private homeowner or in the commercial sector, here's a breakdown of what antislip glass is, as well as your antislip glass options when you work with Jockimo glass manufacturer.

What Is Anti-Slip Glass, aka Slip-Resistant Glass?

Bass Pro Shops HQ Glass Stairs and Glass Flooring in Front of Boat from Entry

Antislip glass (sometimes referred to as “slip-resistant” glass) is glass that has been treated or processed to provide more friction when walked on. This helps prevent slipping, tripping, or falling, especially when wet. Techniques range from fusing small pieces of glass aggregate to the glass floor in a kiln to baking on an antislip surface to etching the glass surface with acid.

Antislip glass is seen most often in the following features:

It even appears in more specialized projects, such as wine room glass flooring.

4 Available Anti-Slip Glass Options

At Jockimo, we offer four different types of antislip products: GlassGrit™, GlassFrit™, GlassEtch™, and GlassSculpt™.


GlassGrit Ultimate Privacy Frost Glass perspective1

GlassGrit™ is Jockimo’s premium anti-slip option. The process consists of permanently fusing little pieces of glass aggregate to the glass surface in a kiln. We’ve been using this technique for over fifteen years.

The result is a fully transparent piece of anti-slip glass. (If you’re looking for it, there will be some discernible “waviness” to the glass, especially on larger panels. We find most people are looking at what’s below the glass, though. Not the minute details of the glass itself!)

This is our most-requested antislip product. It’s compatible with colored or textured glass, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it won’t lose its antislip capabilities over time.


GlassFrit Glass dot matrix perspective

GlassFrit™ is a process not unlike silk-screening. The antislip product is placed on the glass and baked onto the surface. This is an incredibly common technique across glass manufacturers.

The result is transparent, and this is also rated for interiors and exteriors. The one note here is that it will eventually wear over time. Of particular concern for commercial spaces, is that the wearing process will speed up if it’s in a high-traffic area.


Jockimo GlassEtch Barbells Frost Glass thumb

GlassEtch™ uses a technique of acid etching. Portions of the glass surface are removed, resulting in varying depths of glass. Because this is a controlled process, the pattern etched into the glass is entirely customizable.

Many companies utilizing acid etching just do the dot pattern, but from a design perspective, that can be a bit industrial looking and cold. Especially if this is being used in a home or office, the customization of patterns provides an opportunity for personality and alignment with the existing décor.

Because GlassEtch™ results in a frosted look, this product is also a modesty surface. It can be used indoors or outside.


GlassSculpt Diamond Clear popup

GlassSculpt™ is created through a proprietary process that was first developed when we completed the observation deck of the Freedom Tower in New York City, New York.

It delivers a high level of antislip and is designed for interior applications only. It’s a very similar product to GlassEtch, but it does not have the frosted appearance. GlassSculpt, therefore, is ideal if you want transparency. Designs are fully customizable with this technique as well.

Any Questions about Antislip Glass?

If you have any questions about antislip glass flooring, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re always happy to lend our expertise.

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