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Jockimo GlassStax™ : Elegant Paneled Glass

Our artisans make all of our GlassStax™ panels by hand providing a beautiful and durable product - and we were the first in North America to offer a "stacked glass" product.

GlassStax main

GlassStax™ products are suitable for most applications including: handrails, waterfalls, divider panels, skylights, interior panels, wall cladding, and more. The glass can be laminated for safety and color coated via our specially designed paint formula. We can even provide bent on a radius. Custom color matching to Pantone or other colors is available in opaque, translucent, metallic and pearl finishes.

  • CUSTOMIZATION: All GlassStax™ panels are hand made by our artisans. We are able to supply custom colors, safety glass (laminated), and custom fabrication (holes, shapes, etc.)
  • SIZES: We are able to provide our GlassStax™ in panel sizes up to 4' x 8'.


We currently offer three standard styles (see below). If you do not see a style that you like please let us know and we can develop one for you.


GlassStax™ Project Showcase

Click on a project image below to learn more about Jockimo GlassStax™.

trinidad glassstax up 252 640 480 100 rd FFFFFFPort of Spain Office Buildings, Hyatt Trinidad

GlassStax close ceilingGlassStax™ - Miscellaneous Projects