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Jockimo ImagenGlass™ - Photographic Art Glass

ImagenGlass™ is a glass product that takes photography to the next level, offering unparalleled color range and vibrancy. Our advanced printing technique eliminates the grainy dot pattern and blurry images associated with other glass products, producing crystal-clear photographs on glass. The process involves laminating high quality photos onto PET foil using professional photographic dyes, meeting ASTM standards. This innovative product helps interior designers and architects to bring their wildest ideas to life, allowing them to incorporate stunning photographs into functional and decorative architectural glass.

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Jockimo ImagenGlass kitchen croppedImagenGlass™ by Jockimo. Photographic art glass.

Our advanced printing technology eliminates the grainy dot pattern and fuzzy images provided by others as a result of their printing techniques. The ImagenGlass™ process utilizes high quality imagery applied to PET foil, utilizing special photographic quality dyes, which is laminated inside of glass to meet ASTM standards. It enables interior designers and architects to fulfill their wildest dreams in the field of photographic imagery in glass.

ImagenGlass™ Project Showcase

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Jockimo ImagenGlass stones closePrivate Residence, Chicago

ImagenGlass Bacara 9353Bacara Resort, Santa Barbara

imagenglass misc dudesMiscellaneous ImagenGlass™ Projects