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Is Glass Flooring Customizable?

California Residence Exterior Glass Flooring Panels from Jockimo

Learn What’s Possible with Customizable Glass Flooring

More natural lights. Durable flooring surface. Modern aesthetics. Glass flooring offers a host of benefits to commercial spaces or private residences. One of the biggest advantages, though, is the ability to create a truly customized floor. Here are five ways to achieve customizable glass flooring for a product that matches your dream floor.

5 Ways to Customize Your Glass Flooring

  1. Anti-Slip Flooring

GlassFrit Antislip Glass for Glass Flooring from Jockimo

To ensure the maximum safety of your glass flooring, you want to incorporate an anti-slip option. Each option creates a slightly different look.

(What is antislip glass? Learn more.)

If you’re working with Jockimo, you can choose from one of four different anti-slip products:

  • GlassGrit™: This method fuses glass aggregate to the surface of the floor in a kiln. It leaves a completely transparent glass panel.
  • GlassFrit™: This method bakes on an antislip surface in a process similar to silk-screening. The pattern can be a dot matrix for transparency or 100 percent coverage for privacy.
  • GlassEtch™: This method uses acid etching to create varying depths within the glass panel. Options include dots and barbells, but the pattern is entirely customizable. The resulting look is frosted.
  • GlassSculpt™: This method is a proprietary process that offers the customizable patterns of GlassEtch™ with the transparency of GlassGrit™.

Whatever antislip glass you choose will affect the final look of your floor. Factor this in when choosing.

  1. Level of Transparency (Privacy Glass)

Crystal Clear Ultimate Privacy Ultimate Privacy Frosted Glass for Glass Flooring

If you’re interested in trying to make glass flooring private, you can incorporate one of three methods:

  • Use frosted glass.
  • Use cast glass.
  • Use colored glass.

Any of these methods would help make the glass panels more obscure, distorted, or opaque from below.

  1. Size and Shape of Glass Panels

When creating a custom glass floor, the size and shape of every glass panel will be tailored to your space, design, and project needs.

If you’re working with a reputable manufacturer of architectural glass products, an engineer will be involved in the creation of your glass flooring. This engineer will help determine the safety and feasibility of the specific design you want.

  1. Glass Thickness

Just as you have custom options with the size and shape of glass panels, you can also have some say in the thickness of each panel.

Based on the engineer’s findings for your flooring, you can choose glass thickness within a safe range. This means each panel is thick enough to withstand the weight that will be exerted onto the floor but thin enough that the panels are an acceptable weight for the designed support system.

Your glass manufacturer and engineer will also ensure glass panel thickness adheres to all relevant ASTM standards.

  1. Texture, Pattern, or Color

TRUE Colors Jockimo ThickGlass Examples

The areas where you have the greatest amount of visual flexibility is with texturing, patterns, and glass color.

If you opt for cast glass panels for your flooring, you have a wide range of cast glass textures available to you. You can choose from a preset mold, or you can work with your glass manufacturer to create something entirely unique and custom.

If you want a truly unique look, you can even choose to use colored glass.

Get Inspired for Your Custom Glass Floor Project

Not sure what’s possible with glass flooring? Ready to get inspired for your own project?

Check out some of these incredible, innovative examples of custom glass flooring.

Have Any Questions about How to Customize Glass Flooring?

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