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9 Most Popular Glass Products from This Custom Glass Manufacturer

Are you interested in designing with glass during your next build or remodel? Discover some of the most popular products within the portfolio of Jockimo Inc., a decorative architectural glass manufacturer based in Aliso Viejo, California, but serving a global clientele.

1. Antique Mirrors (Framed and Unframed)

lotus framed antique mirror 750 2000 2000 100

Add visual interest and functionality to any residence or commercial space with an antique mirror. With a custom, handmade antique mirror, you get the aesthetic appeal of an aged treasure with all the latest safety features and fabrication techniques. Mirrors come framed or unframed.

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2. Glass Floors

701 Whaley Renovation Glass Flooring over Pool Historical Finished

Preserving a view? Incorporating a more modern, sleek aesthetic into your design? Whatever your motivation, adding a glass floor can be a unique way to approach your new build or remodel. Glass floors are equally at home in

private residences and commercial spaces.

In practice, glass flooring is a broad category that can include full floors done in glass spans, walkable skylights, or even small accents within a floor to highlight something one level below (often a wine cellar).

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3. Glass Countertops or Bar Tops

ThickGlass 2 Inch Jockimo Blue TRUE Colors Colored Glass Countertop

Glass countertops and bar tops have become increasingly popular over the years. While they used to show up most regularly in restaurants and bars, as well as within the hospitality sector, they have been finding their way into more and more private homes.

Glass is a great countertop material for a lot of reasons. (Think resistance to stains, oils, scratching, impact, hard water etching, and more.) One of the most unique aspects of glass, though, is its compatibility with both interior and

 exterior design. If you’re considering adding outdoor living space, check out these benefits of exterior glass countertops.

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4. Glass Stairs

Glass Stair Treads Jockimo

Up the design appeal and modernity of your stairs instantly with glass. Glass can be incorporated into the stair treads themselves, and then it can pair with more glass (walls and flooring) or complement additional building materials (wood, stainless steel, aluminum, or others).

5. Glass Vanity Tops

sanantonio integral bowl glass vanity top main

Looking to give your bathroom new life? Consider a glass vanity top. With entirely customizable options, you can get the pattern, texture, and size that are perfect for your space. It’s a little surprise these beautiful, modern, low-maintenance pieces are showing up in more and more places.

6. Liquid Lava™ Lava Tiles

Liquid Lava Project ALG 112

Interactive, fun, and vibrant, this line of lava tiles is great for anything related to children. (Of course, adults love them too!) This ranges from retail outlets to libraries to hospitals. Enjoy as these works of art constantly change, swirl, and flow wherever pressure is applied.

7. Auto Floor System

AutoFloorSystems tradeshow flooring Jockimo Porsche

Ensure the way you display your cars is as polished and beautiful as the vehicles themselves. The AutoFloorSystems™ product is an aluminum frame, a silicone support system, and a 5/16” piece of tempered safety glass. It’s a safe, sophisticated, upscale way to display high-end vehicles.

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8. Cast Glass

Cast Glass Jockimo

Cast glass gives the customer unprecedented freedom to customize with textures, designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. For homeowners or business owners who are looking to create something truly unique and personalized, cast glass is an enticing solution.

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9. DichroGlass

Dichro Sculpture

"Fragmenta," by Studio Osman Akan, State of Alaska Public Art Collection

Beautiful. Striking. Constantly changing.  With its reflection, refraction, and filtering of light, DichroGlass™ is a viewer-interactive experience.

The material has been incorporated into many venues, including restaurants, casinos, bars, the hospitality sector, and more.

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