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Are Ceiling Mirrors Your Secret Weapon to Stellar Restaurant Design?

waiter carrying dishes in a restaurant using beautiful restaurant design

5 Advantages of Mirrored Ceilings in Restaurant Design

Restaurant design is all about creating the right dining atmosphere. Every design choice is a deliberate decision meant to make diners feel something: more welcome, more at home, or more decadent. If you’re looking to make a big statement in your next restaurant design project, here are five reasons to incorporate ceiling mirrors into your plans:

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2022 Ceiling Trends Include…Custom Ceiling Mirrors

ceiling mirrors

Why This Throwback Ceiling Trend Is Right for Modern Businesses

Do mirrored ceilings conjure images (and flashbacks) of the 1970s for you? Then it’s time to reimagine what’s possible with custom ceiling mirrors. Today’s reflective ceiling trend is sleek, functional, and glamorous, and lots of businesses are capitalizing. Here are the top reasons any commercial business should consider incorporating ceiling mirrors into their interior design.

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9 Benefits of Using Ceiling Mirrors as an Interior Designer

ceiling mirrors

9 Benefits of Using Ceiling Mirrors as an Interior Designer

Interior design trends come and go, but with all the associated benefits of ceiling mirrors, this recent resurgence in ceiling-mounted mirrors doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon. As an interior designer, here are nine major reasons to consider mirrored ceilings for your next residential or commercial revamp.

Ceiling Mirrors and Interior Design: Practical, Financial, and Aesthetic Reasons to Go Bold with Your Mirrors

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6 Ways That Ceiling Mirrors Can Elevate Your Hotel Lobby Design

hotel ceiling mirrors

A hotel’s overall interior design is an important part of brand-building in the hospitality sector. To create a striking, unique, functional space, consider adding ceiling mirrors to the lobby. Here are the top six reasons this interior design tip works:

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Why Does Hotel Interior Design Matter?

antique mirrors

The interior design for a hotel is a big investment. The size of the financial ask might leave some hoteliers asking this question: Does hotel interior design matter? Short answer, yes. Long answer, there are thirteen key ways a hotel’s interior design positively affects its performance, reputation, and profits. Learn about them here:

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Custom Antique Mirror or Ready to Order? A Glass Manufacturing Expert Weighs In

custom antique mirrors

5 Ways Antique Mirrors Improve Design in a Commercial Space

Antique mirrors are a great way to enhance light, add visual interest, and make any space feel larger. When it comes to purchasing, though, should you go with the custom or ready-to-order option? Tim Casey, founder, and owner of Jockimo, is an expert glass manufacturer specializing in architectural glass products. He breaks down the pros and cons of both types of antique mirrors.

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Should I Choose a Glass Top Vanity Unit for My Bathroom?

glass vanity

4 Advantages of a Glass Top Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom remodels are notoriously difficult. You have to decide on lighting fixtures. Tiling. Color schemes. Then there’s the vanity. You want something beautiful and timeless, but you also want something that makes a statement on its own. With just about every bathroom remodel today looking like a variation on the same theme, you might be wondering if a statement piece like a glass vanity top is a good fit for your space. Here are four reasons the answer might be a resounding “yes.”

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What Are Operable Glass Flooring Panels?

glass flooring for wine cellars

Glass flooring can make a dramatic difference to your home’s overall look and feel. Operable glass flooring panels can make that dramatic feature even more functional, versatile, customized, and useful. So, exactly what is an operable glass panel?

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Are Glass Countertops Durable?

durable glass countertops

What Makes Glass Countertops Durable?

If you’re seeking out unique kitchen countertop ideas, you might have come across glass counters. For those who want something a little different in their kitchens than the standard granite or quartz, glass can be a beautiful, bold alternative. The material, however, leaves some homeowners wondering: Are glass countertops durable?

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Why Should I Install a Blue Glass Countertop in My Kitchen?

blue glass counter top

4 Reasons to Opt for Blue Glass Kitchen Countertops

Picking the countertop material for your kitchen can be challenging. You need something functional, beautiful, and unique enough that it speaks to your tastes. Looking for that perfect mix of a bold design statement and everyday durability? Here’s why a blue glass countertop could be exactly what your kitchen needs:

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What You Need to Know about Tempered Glass

tempered glass

Tempered. Laminated. Annealed. When it comes to adding glass into your building design, the terminology can quickly get overwhelming. There are key differences between each of these types of glass, though, and it’s critical to use the appropriate one in your project. With that in mind, here are the most important things to know about tempered glass.

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Are Glass Counters Right for Your Kitchen Remodel?

glass countertops

Considering Glass Counters? 4 Questions to Ask

Updating your kitchen countertops is an effective way to breathe new life into your design scheme, but there are so many potential countertop materials. Natural and engineered stone. Laminate. Solid-surface materials. Wood. The list goes on. Here are some key questions to determine if glass counters are a good fit for you:

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Glass Flooring for Home: Is It Right for You?

walkable skylight

4 Questions to Ask before Opting for a Glass Floor in Your Home

The appeal and allure of glass flooring in a residential space is hard to deny. It’s beautiful. It’s modern. It’s functionally innovative. If you’re undertaking a new build or you’re looking to renovate, you might be wondering if glass flooring is right for you. Here are some considerations to help you answer that question.


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