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Why the Lowest Bid for Your Glass Flooring Isn’t Always the Best Bid

A Man and a Woman Comparing Glass Flooring Estimates

Read This Before Jumping at the Lowest Bid for Your Glass Flooring

When you’re getting bids for your new glass flooring project, you probably have a plan. Shop around. Get a bid from at least three glass manufacturers. Choose the lowest one. If this is your strategy, here are five big reasons to rethink it.

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What You Need to Know About the Different Types of Architectural Glass

Kincade 4391

Architectural glass is a staple in modern construction and design. From office buildings and homes to restaurants and stores, glass is used in a variety of ways to improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a space. If you’re planning a construction or renovation project, it’s important to know about the different types of architectural glass available so that you can choose the best type for your needs. Architectural glass, when done properly, is an amazing feature of any building, so it's important to be informed about all of your choices. Below is our guide to the different types and best uses of architectural glass.

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What Is Cast Glass?

what is cast glass

Glass is an incredibly versatile product that can be cut, shaped, and manipulated in many ways to create any number of design elements. One of these techniques is known as glass casting. There are many different ways to accomplish glass casting including sand, kiln, and graphite casting. Jockimo is here to teach you more about glass casting and how to choose the right company to help you create your next cast glass creation.

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Top Glass Flooring Benefits

glass flooring

18 Glass Flooring Benefits to Make You Forget Wood, Laminate, or Tile

Are you designing or renovating a commercial space or private residence? Want to instantly add a bit of drama, elegance, sophistication, and style? Then consider the numerous glass flooring benefits and whether this hot design trend would be right for your space.

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Why Businesses Should Use Interior Glass Floors in Their Design

5 Reasons Interior Glass Floors Are Right for Commercial Spaces

Bass Pro Shops HQ Glass Flooring and Glass Stairs in Front of Boat from Entry

The design of commercial space is about more than just making it look nice; it has a dollars-and-cents effect on that business’s success. It differentiates it from competitors. It gets patrons excited. It encourages people to open their wallets and spend. If you design commercial spaces, consider all these unique reasons to make use of interior glass floors.

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Glass Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Everyone’s Top Glass Flooring FAQs

Question Marks against a Brown Background

If you’re thinking about adding glass flooring and treads to a commercial or residential space, you probably have questions. Thankfully, we’ve got answers! Here are insights into 15 of the most common glass flooring FAQs.

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Top Dichroic Glass Advantages

Why Should Businesses Use Dichroic Glass?

Kate Weiser Chocolate Jockimo DichroGlass Dichroic Glass Door and Storefront

The success of a business comes down to many factors. Location. Industry. Competition. Product. One often-overlooked factor, however, is the design of the physical space. Using something like dichroic glass in that process can captivate your patrons and turn them into loyal customers. Whether you’re a restaurant, bar, hotel, or retail space, here are three key dichroic glass advantages and why it’s worth designing with this unique glass.

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Dichroic Glass Installations from Jockimo Glass Company

10 Can’t-Miss Jockimo Dichroic Glass Installations

Holiday Inn Jockimo DichroGlass Dichroic Glass Wall Panels

Constantly shifting, shimmering, and changing. Dichroic glass is a mesmerizing product that changes color based on your viewing angle and lighting conditions. The dynamic nature of the glass makes it simultaneously interactive, deceiving, hypnotic, and challenging. To see more of this captivating product, check out these ten dichroic glass installations from Jockimo glass company.

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All about DichroGlass™ from Jockimo Glass Company

Don’t Know DichroGlass™ from Jockimo Glass Company? Let’s Change That!

osman dichroglass jockimo close3 4135 2000 2000 100

"Fragmenta," by Studio Osman Akan, State of Alaska Public Art Collection

Whether used in a private residence, an art installation, or a commercial space, there’s no denying it. Dichroic glass is stunning. If you can’t get enough of this color-shifting glass, learn all about DichroGlass from custom glass manufacturer Jockimo. Discover what it is, what technical specifications are possible, and what sets it apart from other dichroic glass on the market.

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What Is Dichroic Glass Used For?

Popular Dichroic Glass Uses: From Function to Artistry to Both

Osman Jockimo DichroGlass Sculpture in Dichroic Glass

"Fragmenta," by Studio Osman Akan, State of Alaska Public Art Collection

If you’ve seen dichroic glass, you know it’s some of the most visually interesting, engaging, and interactive glass available. What you might not know is all the various applications of this unique product. What is dichroic glass used for? Here are the top three most common use cases.

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Uses of Architectural Glass

The Ultimate Guide to the Uses of Architectural Glass

jockimo architectural glass

Glass is one of the most beautiful, brilliant, and eye-catching architectural materials. From traditional architectural mirror glass to glass flooring, there are many uses of glass in modern architecture. The use of glass in architecture provides an opportunity for natural and controlled lighting, depending on the design and placement of the glass itself. Understanding the uses of architectural glass in history and in modern design can help when constructing or remodeling a building of your own.

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What Is Dichroic Glass?

Dichroic Glass: Possibly the Most Stunning Architectural Glass Around

dichroic glass Sculpture

"Fragmenta," by Studio Osman Akan, State of Alaska Public Art Collection

From art installations to custom glass countertops, many projects incorporating dichroic glass can be seen in either the commercial or residential sphere. Whatever the setting, it is always stunning, interactive, and perpetually changing. But what is it? How did it start; how do you make it; and what do architects, designers, and artists need to know about it?

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Top Benefits of TRUE Colors Colored Glass from Jockimo

Why Designers & Architects Rave about TRUE Colors Colored Glass

ThickGlass 2 Inch Jockimo Blue TRUE Colors Colored Glass Countertop

Architectural glass products provide sophistication, timeless beauty, and modernity to any space. Add in the element of colored glass, and you open up even more advantages. Discover the top benefits of TRUE Colors colored glass from Jockimo and what makes this product so unique in the industry.

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